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ATCO Gas Australia Infrastructure
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ATCO Gas Australia
ATCO Gas Australia is a private company delivering safe, reliable, cost-effective natural gas to West Australians. As a gas distribution company, ATCO Gas builds, owns and maintains an underground network of pipelines that bring natural gas to more than 700,000 consumers. Along with building and maintaining the network, we also perform the work to connect your homes and businesses to gas and read your meter.
ATCO Gas Australia owns and maintains the underground network of pipelines in Western Australia, bringing natural gas to more than 700,000 consumers and extending through over 13,700km of gas distribution pipelines.

The gas lines and meters we install and monitor are located across the Perth greater metropolitan area, Albany, Brunswick Junction, Bunbury, Busselton, Capel, Geraldton, Harvey, Kalgoorlie, and Pinjarra. As well as servicing suburban homeowners, our network services local businesses like restaurants, laundries and bakeries, to large-scale industry like refueling stations for natural gas vehicles, chemical processing facilities and manufacturers of building materials. Our network also services many government departments and projects.

Our experienced teams ensure the safe operation and monitoring of our gas networks. The result is the reliable delivery of natural gas for everyone.

We are on call 24/7, 365 days a year to respond to gas faults and emergencies.  Please call ATCO Gas Australia on 13 13 52*

For more information about ATCO Gas Australia please refer to our website: or contact us on (08) 6163 5000.

*24 hours local call fee from anywhere in the state excluding mobiles.
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