How and when is the UV calculated?

All land in Western Australia is assessed at the same date to determine their Unimproved Value (UV). This date is used by valuers to ensure a fair and equitable assessment is completed for all land. The assessment date, which is known as the date of valuation is 1 August and conducted every 12 months.

Valuers at Landgate collect vacant land sales evidence as at the date of valuation. The sales evidence is analysed to establish property market levels, with individual property attributes considered, to determine an Unimproved Value (UV) for each property.

The UVs are then effective from the 1 July, the following year. The effective date is when RevenueWA (formerly Office of State Revenue) and some local councils will apply the UV for the purpose of calculating your taxes or rates respectively.

The diagram below represents the timeline of a UV calculated annually. To explain, we will use the current valuation timeframe. The date of valuation (in this case 1 August 2020) is the date all properties in Western Australia are assessed at, to determine UVs. The effective date (in this case 1 July 2021) is the date the UV is applied by RevenueWA and some local councils. You can see how these apply to your land tax notice.

For more information, watch our UV videos.

This page was last updated on: 19 Jul 2021