Who uses the UV?

Unimproved Values (UV) are provided to rating authorities who use the UV to determine rating and taxing charges.

These rating authorities include:

  • RevenueWA for land tax (for properties that are not the owners’ primary residence)
  • Local councils for rates on some properties of a rural or rural-residential nature.

Each rating authority sets their own rate in the dollar to be charged. The rate in the dollar is multiplied by the UV (local councils may also add levies e.g. rubbish collection) to calculate the total of rates or taxes payable. You should find details of the UV and rate in the dollar used to calculate your rates or taxes in the bill notices received from the respective rating authority.

If you have any queries on the rate in the dollar or levies, please contact the RevenueWA or respective local council. Any further queries on the UV, please contact Landgate’s Customer Service team.

This page was last updated on: 21 Aug 2020