How do I resume an online valuation objection?

To resume and submit your online valuation objection, you will need the reference number provided by Landgate, which was:

  • displayed on screen while you were completing your submission
  • sent in an email to your nominated email address

An expiry date will have been provided, which is the final date that the submission can be lodged. If not lodged by the expiry date, a new submission will need to be completed.

Click below to resume your valuation objection, and when prompted, enter the reference number and your last name.

Resume an objection

Unable to find your reference number?

To protect the privacy of information entered in an objection form, Landgate is unable to provide the reference number for a saved submission if it has been misplaced or noted down incorrectly.

It is important to keep your reference number safe and secure, so it can be used to resume your valuation objection.

This page was last updated on: 14 Aug 2021