What happens when improvements or changes are made to my property?

Your local council or water provider will advise Landgate of any additions, improvements or demolitions, subdivisions, or amalgamations that have been actioned on your property.

Landgate valuers will review rental evidence as at the latest date of valuation, updating the Gross Rental Value (GRV) to reflect the changes that have been made to your property as if they were in place as at the latest date of valuation.

The new GRV will be provided to the rating authorities, which includes your local council, who will recalculate your rates and taxes for the remaining period in the current financial year. A rates or taxes adjustment notice will be issued by the rating authority advising of any additional charges or if a refund is due to you.

The diagram below represents the timeline of an interim GRV within a GRV 3 year period, which applies to the Perth metropolitan area and some WA regional local governments. Other WA regional local governments are assessed on a 3 to 6 year period, as deemed suitable by the Valuer-General.

The date of valuation (in this case 1 August 2015) is the date all properties within a local government area are assessed at, to determine a GRV. The effective date (in this case 1 July 2017) is the date the GRV is applied by local councils or other rating authorities. You can see how the GRV is applied to your rates notice over a 3 year period. An interim valuation request (in this case on 25 February 2019) will require Landgate valuers to review your GRV using rental evidence on like properties as at the current date of valuation (in this case 1 August 2015).


This page was last updated on: 10 Mar 2021