Our performance

Here you can find out how we are performing against our commitment to you as set out in our Customer Service Charter.

We work really hard to deliver high quality customer service and continually monitor our performance to ensure we are not only achieving but constantly aspiring to exceed, so as to serve you better as part of our commitment to continuous improvement.

We will serve you at our service counters within 10 minutes

When you visit any of our offices, we want to make sure we don't keep you waiting.  To help us we have set a target of serving up to 90% of customers (with simple transactions) within 10 minutes.

How are we doing?

  Our result Our target
July 201868%90%
August 201878%90%
September 201867%90%
October 201859%90%
November 201851%90%
December 201853%90%
January 201963%90%
February 201971%90%
March 201971%90%
April 201967%90%
May 201972%90%
June 201966%90%
July 201976%90%
August 201964%90%

We will answer your telephone call within 60 seconds

When you call us via our phone queues, we want you to speak to one of our dedicated customer service officers as quickly as possible. To help us do this, we commit to 85% of phone calls to our queues answered in less than 60 seconds.

How are we doing?

  Our result Our target
July 201863%85%
August 201876%85%
September 201883%85%
October 201881%85%
November 201853%85%
December 201856%85%
January 201991%85%
February 201965%85%
March 201971%85%
April 201970%85%
May 201971%85%
June 201964%85%
July 201969%85%
August 201964%85%

We will respond to email queries within 2 working days

When you correspond with us via email, we want you to receive a response as quickly as possible. To help us do this, we commit to 80% of emails responded to within 2 working days.

How are we doing?

 Our resultOur target
April 2019          83%80%
May 201980%80%
June 201980%80%
July 201980%80%
August 201978%80%

We will respond to your feedback within 10 business days

Your feedback is important to us. We commit to responding within 10 business days with a resolution or indication of the course of action we will take.

How are we doing?

  Our result Our target
July 201892%90%
August 201893%90%
September 201898%90%
October 201892%90%
November 201891%90%
December 201884%90%
January 201988%90%
February 201997%90%
March 201993%90%
April 201979%90%
May 201985%90%
June 201991%90%
July 201990%90%
August 201994%90%

We aim to ensure every customer is satisfied with the sales, service and experience we provide.

Your overall satisfaction is independently captured each quarter and is defined by you rating us 8,9 or 10 out of 10 across our business. We commit to and aspire to achieve more than 70% of our customers surveyed rating us 8,9 or 10 out of 10 for overall satisfaction.

January - March 201774%70%
April - June 201781%70%
July - September 201775%70%
October - December 201773%70%
January - March 201879%70%
April - June 201875%70%
July - September 201874%70%
October - December 201877%70%
January - March 201977%70%

This page was last updated on: 18 Sep 2019