Feedback process

Step 1: Talk to us

If you wish to provide us with feedback you can:

To help us respond to the issues you raise, you will need to provide some information about the relevant service or product, the staff member you dealt with (if known) and some contact details for getting back to you.

Step 2: Let us help you

Our Customer Service team are responsible for ensuring that your feedback is heard and responded to by Landgate management.

When you talk to our staff they will:

  • identify the key points of your feedback
  • allocate a responsible officer to respond to the issue(s) that you have raised if it can't be handled on the spot
  • monitor and manage your feedback to ensure it is not forgotten.

The responsible officer will then work with you to achieve a satisfactory solution (if a complaint) and ensure a prompt response.

Step 3: Further reviews of complaints

If your feedback is a complaint that hasn't been satisfactorily resolved, there are two further methods of review available. The first is to contact the customer feedback line again and ask that a more senior person review the matter.

Then, if you are still not satisfied with Landgate's response, you may lodge a complaint with the State Ombudsman (Perth +61 (0)8 9220 7555, country areas 1800 117 000 - free call).

This page was last updated on: 11 May 2022