Land transactions reference guides

Guide to Basic Requirements for the Preparation of Paper Documents 1.12MB PDF 06/2020
Document Lodgement Acceptability Guide0.64MB PDF 05/2018
Lodgement Acceptability Checklist 0.14MB PDF 06/2018
Guide to Strata Titles6.6 MB PDF 07/2022
Landgate Guide to Consolidating By-Laws1.79MBPDF05/2020
Landgate Guide to Resolving Disputes650KBPDF05/2020
Landgate Guide to Termination of Strata Titles Schemes2,489KBPDF08/2020
Guide to Community Titles in Western Australia2,404KBPDF06/2021
Community Title Scheme - Sellers Guide - Information Obligations for the Seller143KBPDF12/2020
Guide to Resolving Community Titles Disputes817KBPDF12/2021
Guide to Termination of Community Titles Schemes in Western Australia5.94MBPDF12/2021

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