2022 review of Landgate's enabling legislation

Review of Landgate’s enabling legislation

The Land Information Authority Act 2006 (the Act) requires that every five years a review must be conducted of the Act which assesses its operation and effectiveness, and has regard to:

(a) the effectiveness of the operations of Landgate; and

(b) the need for the continuation of the functions of Landgate; and

(c) any other matters that appear to the Minister to be relevant to the operation and effectiveness of this Act.

In short, the purpose of the review is to assess what Landgate has done well over the past five-year period, what it could improve and how it could meet the needs of the State better, including putting forward recommendations. A report based on the review must be tabled in Parliament by the end of the current calendar year.

Have your say

To help inform the review, Landgate is seeking feedback from organisations and members of the public who deal regularly with Landgate, or who otherwise have an interest in its operations.

Respondents are encouraged to provide their feedback through the survey link at the bottom of this page. This survey poses several questions, which have been intentionally designed to be flexible and broad in their focus, while also ensuring information gathered is relevant to the focus areas of the review.

Landgate recognises respondents may have additional feedback which may not align with the focus areas of the review but is nevertheless relevant to the review. To accommodate this feedback, an open commentary section has been included at the bottom of the form.

Landgate does not intend to publish any feedback received. Feedback submissions will be treated as confidential, however they may still be subject to the operation of the Freedom of Information Act 1992.

The opportunity to provide feedback submissions will be open until COB May 27, 2022.

To have your say, complete the Landgate open consultation -  2022 review of Landgate's enabling legislation survey.

If you have any questions regarding the review, or would prefer to provide a written submission of feedback, please email haveyoursay@landgate.wa.gov.au.

This page was last updated on: 19 Apr 2022