Valuer-General's role

Learn more about the role of the Valuer-General including governance, accountability and key responsibilities.

About the role

The Valuer-General is:

  • Designated by the Governor of Western Australia.
  • An independent statutory officer, who in the opinion of the Minister, has the necessary qualifications and experience appropriate to the exercise of the powers and performance of the duties and functions conferred or imposed under the Valuation of Land Act 1978 (the Act).
  • A staff member of Landgate (the Western Australian Land Information Authority).

The Valuer-General has the general administration of the Act and, in valuing any land under the Act, exercises independent judgement and is not subject to direction from any person. The Act only allows the Valuer-General to provide valuations for government agencies and not to private citizens or corporations.

The Valuer-General sets the standards for and ensures the provision of a world-class valuation system and ensures it meets the needs of landowners, ratepayers, members of the public, rating and taxing authorities and the Government of Western Australia.

The Valuer-General is responsible for the provision of fair, accurate and consistent land values for rating and taxing purposes. They also provide valuations for the determination of compensation arising from the compulsory acquisition of land for public purposes, as well as specialist valuation and property advice to government, for purchase, sale, leasing and financial reporting.

Governance & accountability

The Valuer-General is responsible for the general administration of the Act and reports to the Minister for Lands.

Landgate provides the staff and other resources necessary to meet the operational requirements necessary for the delivery of the outputs associated with the valuation program. To ensure good governance and consistency, licensed valuers operate within the Valuer-General’s delegations.

Key responsibilities

Key responsibilities include:

  • maintain valuation rolls of rateable and taxable land throughout Western Australia
  • conduct general valuations (revaluations) within valuation districts and make interim valuations as required to ensure valuations are accurate and as current as is practicable
  • review and make recommendations for amendments to the Valuation of Land Act 1978
  • issue and maintain relevant valuation policies to ensure transparency in and consistency of valuation processes
  • inform stakeholders, property owners and ratepayers through the publication of valuation programs, general valuation reports and information bulletins
  • set and maintain valuation standards and quality to ensure probity of government property transactions
  • monitor and seek continual improvement of rating and taxing valuations and methodologies
  • provide advice to the Minister as required, as well as initiating briefing notes on matters of interest
  • ensure valuations for government for purchase, sale, leasing and financial reporting comply with international valuation standards
  • participate in cross agency teams by providing expert advice on valuation and land matters.

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