Superseded Strata Forms

For reference only. Please refer to the strata forms page for current forms.

Superseded form nameNew form numberReplaces approved formReplaced form to be retired on
Application for Registration of an Amendment of a Scheme Plan effecting Subdivision2020-439212019-7569815/10/2020
Application to register strata titles scheme2020-439342020-2758615/10/2020
Certificate of Strata Company - Change of name and or address2020-439352019-7446315/10/2020
Consent Statement - Designated Interest Holders for amendment of scheme plan and schedule of unit entitlements2020-438762020-2760715/10/2020
Consent Statement – Registered Interest Holders and Caveators2020-442182020-2760815/10/2020
Notice to Lot Owners and others for amendment of scheme plan2020-438782020-2750815/10/2020
Precontractual Disclosure Statement to the Buyer2020-442212020-2758115/10/2020
Proposed Schedule of Unit Entitlements (1-20)2020-439072020-2760615/10/2020
Scheme By-laws – Application to Amend2020-442252020-1781615/10/2020
Scheme By-Laws – First Consolidation 2020-439142020-1781515/10/2020
Scheme By-Laws – New Scheme2020-438672020-1781315/10/2020

This page was last updated on: 11 Sep 2020