Strata Forms

Below is a list of the approved forms to be used for strata title matters in Western Australia beginning 1 May 2020.

These forms reflect the 2018 amendments to the Strata Titles Act 1985.

For guidance on which of the form/s to use and in what circumstances, customers should refer to our:

It’s important to note the Strata Titles General Regulations 1996 (STGR) and forms prescribed in the STGR were repealed on 1 May 2020, due to changes in WA strata titles law. These forms are no longer accepted by Landgate. There are a few exceptions to this for specific plan forms and the Form 21 (lodgement of by-laws), for more details on these refer to the transitional guide.

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Approved forms for lodgement at Landgate

Other approved strata forms

Approved forms for lodgement at Landgate

Form Document type/ Evidence
Amendment of Scheme Notice SA
Application for Registration of an Amendment of a Scheme Plan effecting Subdivision AA
Application for Termination of Scheme by Single Owner or Unanimous Agreement ST
Application for Termination of Scheme ST
Application to Amend Scheme Plan – Restricted Use Condition SR
Application to register strata titles scheme AS
Certificate of Strata Company – Change of name and or address Evidence
Certificate of Strata Company – Effecting subdivision Evidence
Certificate of Strata Company – Leasehold Expiry Postponement Evidence
Certificate of the Strata Company – Schedule of unit entitlements or leases or easements or restrictive covenants Evidence
Certificate of Strata Company – Termination of Scheme Evidence
Consent of the Owner of a Leasehold Scheme Evidence
Consent Statement – Designated Interest Holders Evidence
Consent Statement - Registered Interest Holders and Caveators Evidence
Disposition Statement – Amendment of strata titles scheme to give effect to Type 4 Subdivision DS
Disposition Statement – Conversion of tenancy in common to strata titles scheme DS
Disposition Statement on Merger of Land or Conversion to a Survey-Strata Scheme DS
Notice of Expiry of Leasehold Scheme LN
Notice of Re-entry or Surrender of Strata Lease LS
Notice of Resolution of Conversion to a Survey-strata Scheme ZB
Notice of Resolution of Merger ZA
Notice of Termination Event TN
Scheme By-laws – Application to Amend SB
Scheme By-laws – First Consolidation SB
Scheme By-laws – New Scheme SB
Scheme By-laws – Governance and Conduct By-Laws from the Strata Titles Act 1985
(This form is for reference only. It is not for lodgement at Landgate)
Not applicable
Scheme Notice SN
Statement to Deal with Land Evidence
Strata Lease SE
Schedule of Unit Entitlements (1-22 lots)Lodged with plan
Schedule of Unit Entitlements (1-100 lots)Lodged with plan
Schedule of Unit Entitlements (1-200 lots)Lodged with plan
Schedule of Unit Entitlements (1-300 lots)Lodged with plan
Schedule of Unit Entitlements (1-400 lots)Lodged with plan
WAPC Endorsement CertificateLodged with plan

Other approved strata forms

Notice of Entry under Statutory Easement
Notice to Lot Owners and others for scheme plan amendment
Notice to owners and first mortgagees of Proposed Expenditure
Precontractual Disclosure Statement to the Buyer
Proposed Schedule of Unit Entitlements - Staged subdivision by-laws
Statement from strata company to lot owners concerning application for approval of structural alteration of a lot in a strata scheme
Strata Management Provision of Information about Industry
Termination Proposal - Outline
Annexure A - Explanation of the process and consequences of the termination
Annexure B - Matrix of Dissenting Owner Protections
Termination Proposal - Content of Full Termination Proposal

Strata Plan Templates

Link for Surveyors:          Strata Plan Templates

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