Lodgement and search forms

When you lodge forms with Landgate you will need to pay a lodgement fee.

Lodgement fees vary according to the number and type of forms being submitted. See below for a list of current forms and fees.

Lodgement and search forms

Request for dealing search
Request copies of unregistered documents currently in the system but not yet completed.
0.01MB PDF
Request for Certified copy
Request for Certification of original certificate of titles, documents and surveys
0.02MB PDF
Check search order form
For account customers only. Use during system down periods.
0.01MB PDF
Customer search order form
General search order form to allow you to order a copy of a title, survey or document.
1.78MB PDF
Name search application form
Used in conjunction with the 100 point identity form to request a search by owner's name.
0.01MB PDF
Item unknown order form
Need a copy of an item but don't have the specific details? Use this form.
0.01MB PDF
Manual request for paper title or SMR digital history list
Use this form to request a digital title history list or last paper title version.
0.01MB PDF
Request for status report
Obtain a status report on an existing registrar's packet. A fee applies – see form for details.
0.01MB PDF
100 point identity verification form
Verification of your identity form for search requests when the owner's name is the search criteria.
0.01MB PDF
Document lodgement receipt
Blank template for a document lodgement receipt.
0.03MB PDF
Credit card, cheque or money order payment form
Credit card payment authority for use when providing payment details to us.
0.01MB PDF

Search and lodgement fees

Fee schedule SizeFormat
Search and lodgement fees
Current forms and fee schedule for land ownership searching, document and survey lodgement.
0.60MB PDF
Survey lodgement fees
Ready reckoner for survey lodgement fees.
0.20MB PDF
Sales enquiry and power of attorney search fees
For account customers only. Current fees for sales enquiry and power of attorney search – online only.
0.10MB PDF

For stamp duty enquiries please contact the Office of State Revenue.

This page was last updated on: 30 Nov 2018