APX-03 Field Book Examples

Version 1 – 13/03/2018

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1Field book index page: normal subdivision, repeg, survey strata etc, including geodetic connection under Regulation 22A.
2Field book index page: SSA re-establishment and control survey.
3Field book index page: SSA re-establishment and control survey, deposited plan number known.
4Field book index page: GPS survey.
5SSA re-establishment and control survey.
6SSA subdivision: connection to state geodetic survey network.
7SSA subdivision; graphical summary of re-establishment and control connections.
8SSA subdivision; graphical index to control network.
9SSA subdivision: graphical summary of initial control network.
10Normal subdivision: connection to SSM (Reg 22A).
11Cadastral control survey for spatial upgrade – single point radiation by GPS.
12GPS survey: cadastral pickup and geodetic connection.
13GPS survey: graphical summary of GPS baselines of control network.
14GPS survey: tabular results of GPS baselines.
15GPS survey: tabular results of network adjustment.
16GPS survey: measuring parcel boundaries.
17GPS survey: tabular results of RTK observations (eastings and northings).
18GPS survey: tabular results of control and boundary observations.
19GPS Survey: Tabular Results of VRS Observations.
20Sketch showing reduction of observation of VRS Survey.
1     Normal Subdivision, Repeg, Survey Strata Including Geodetic Connection under Regulation 22A

2     SSA Re-establishment and Control Survey

3  SSA Re-establishment and COntrol Survey, Deposited Plan Number Known

4 GPS Survey

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