SPP-10 Plan Practices
SPP-14 Easements Covenants Notifications and other Interests
SPP-16 Digital Data Requirements
SPP-17 Lodgement Procedures
SPP-21 Subdivision and Project Management Issues
APX-05 Digital Data Format Specification Version 2.0
APX-06 Survey Practice Guidelines for the Preparation and Electronic Lodgement of Plans and Field Records
APX-08 Reference for Interests and Notifications box as depicted on Plans
Terms of Use
Glossary of Abbreviations and Terms
SPP-01 Introduction to Policy and Procedure Guides
SPP-02 Searching Landgate Records
SPP-03 Survey Guidelines
SPP-04 Marking Guidelines
SPP-05 Surveys of Water Boundaries
SPP-06 Surveys Using Global Positioning System (GPS)
SPP-07 Easement Surveys
SPP-08 Field Notes
SPP-09 General Drafting Practices
SPP-11 Specific Plan Purpose
SPP-12 Three Dimensional Plans
SPP-13 Roads
SPP-15 Possessory Applications and Bringing Land under the TLA
SPP-18 Expediting Plans and Documents
SPP-19 Validation and Examination Practices
SPP-20 Plan Approval Requirements
SPP-22 Table of Appendices
APX-01 Road Casement Surveys by Limited Marking
APX-02 Operational Directives
APX-03 Field Record Examples
APX-04 Plan Examples
APX-07 Renovation Plan Indexes
APX-09 Directions to Surveyors Under Regulation 5 of the Licensed Surveyors (Transfer of land Act 1893) Regulations
APX-10 Strata Plan Digital Data Format Specification