STP-19 Appendices formerly

Version 1 - 04/01/2019

The information provided in this guide is not intended to amount to legal advice. Professional assistance may be required to determine the most appropriate action to protect your legal rights. Please read our Terms of Use on the Strata Titles Policy and Procedure Guides web page. Landgate accepts no responsibility where parties print this guide and seek to rely on information that is out of date.

1 Appendix A: Index of Flow Charts (formerly section 22.1 of the practice manual)

1.1 Figure 2: WAPC Process Delegated to Local Government for more than 5 Lots

1.2 Figure 4: WAPC Process for Survey-Strata Plans

1.3 Figure 5: Complete Strata/Survey-Strata Process

1.4 Figure 6: Landgate Audit Process
1.5 Figure 7: Standard Plan Process for Build Strata exempt from WAPC approval, Built Strata requiring WAPC approval (not delegated to Local Government), Vacant Lot Strata & Survey-Strata

1.6 Figure 8: Plan Process for Built Strata requiring WAPC approval and Delegated to Local Government

1.7 Figure 9: Lot Synchronisation Process (Lot Sync)

1.7.1 Figure 9A Letter of Acknowledgement for the Document Registration Date (Lot Sync)


Midland Square


I ……………………………………… am the (Solicitor/Settlement Agent) for the applicant.

I have authority to make and to authorise on behalf of such persons the following


I acknowledge that the registration date for the documents necessary to issue Certificates

of Title and any following documents for SP ………………….. will be altered to concur with

the yet to be established “In Order for Dealings” date of the said Strata Plan.







2 Appendix B: Types of Easements Created on Plans (formerly section 22.2 of the practice manual)

Plan Type


Transfer of Land Act1893


New Strata Plan

Easement Types

ROW, footway, water, drainage, gas, electricity, TV signals, party wall, eaves and gutters, sewerage, motor vehicle parking (Ss 65(2)&(3), Part IVA esp. s136C, Ninth and Tenth Schedules)



In Favour Of

Any land or in case of local or public authority, in gross






New Survey-Strata Plan

Easement Types

ROW, footway, water, drainage, gas, electricity, TV signals, party wall, eaves and gutters, sewerage, motor vehicle parking (Ss 65(2)&(3), Part IVA esp. s136C, Ninth and Tenth Schedules)

Vehicle Access, Light and Air, Party Wall, Intrusion, Pedestrian Access (Ss 5D-H & Regs 14A-14I)


In Favour Of

Any land or in case of local or public authority, in gross

Any lot on Survey-Strata Plan





Merger Sketch

Easement Types


Vehicle Access (S 21W & Reg 14E)


In Favour Of


Any lot on Strata Plan




Encumbrancers of lots where decrease in pro rata unit entitlement

Conversion Plan

Easement Types


Vehicle Access, Light and Air, Party Wall, Intrusion, Pedestrian Access (Ss 5D-H & Regs 14A-14I)


In Favour Of


Any lot on Survey-Strata Plan





3 Appendix C: Table of Plan Examples (formerly section 22.3 of the practice manual)

These examples are derived from original Plans or appropriate parts of Plans that have been lodged at Landgate. They are only intended to be indicative of the particular circumstance/s stated in the description and may not necessarily reflect what is shown on the original Plan. The Plan forms and their presentation may not reflect Landgate’s current requirements.







Strata Plan

Section 3AB, 136C TLA Easements, First Floor Balconies, BA16 Building Approval Certificate, Location Plan Option 3 STP-02 sections 4 and 4.4, STP-09 sections 2.4 and 5.6



Strata Plan

Vacant Lot, section 3AB,CREATING, section 165 P & D Act Notification, Location Plan Option 1.

STP-02 sections 4.7  and 4.4, STP-09 section 1.14 and 2.2



Survey-Strata Plan

CP Lot Above, 167 P & D Act, Easement, Reg 14E Vehicle Access Easement with Apportionment of Upkeep

STP-02 sections 5 and 5.1 STP-09 sections 4.4, 1.14 and 3.3



Survey-Strata Plan

CP Lot Above Showing Portions of Variable Limits

STP-02 sections 5, 5.1 and 5.4



Strata Plan

Valuers Certificate on Plan Form, Spatial Mineral Reservation, Offsets within 2 metres of Parcel Boundaries, First Floor Balcony and Void, Location Plan Option 2

STP-06 SECTION.8, STP-09 sections 1.14, 1.17 AND 2.2



Strata Plan

Multi Tier, Encroaching Awnings, Right of Carriageway Limited in Height Under Building, Form 26 on Plan Form, Depth Limit, Location Plan Option 4

STP-07 Section 3, STP-02 section 4.4, STP-09 sections 1.16, 2.2 and 5.7



Survey-Strata PLAN

Showing section 152 P & D ActVesting, Reg.14H Intrusion Easement.

STP-09 sections 4.4.2 and 1.8



Survey-Strata Plan

Deferment of Water Corporation Infrastructure (Headworks) Contributions, Pegs Offset to Lot Boundaries.

STP-07 section 9, STP-09 section 3.3



Re-Subdivision Survey-Strata Plan

Showing Peg Information. STP-09 sections 3.3 and 3.4



Survey-Strata Plan

Common Property Lot, section 167A TLA Implied Easement, Intrusion Easement, Spatial Restrictive Covenant, Position of Buildings and encroachments

STP-09 sections 4, 4.4.1, 3.5, 3.6.1, 1.11, 1.14, 3.3 and 3.5.1, STP-02 section 5.4



Strata Plan

Notation of Easement Benefit (Encroachment), Form 26 on Plan Form, Airspace above Building as Common Property’ Location Plan Option 1

STP-09 sections 5.8, 2.7, 2.2, 5.7 and 3.5.1, STP-02 section 2



Survey-Strata Plan

Section 136C TLA Party Walls, section 167 P & D Act

STP-05 section 3, STP-09 sections 4, 1.1.21, 1.1 and 1.14



Survey-Strata Plan

Creating Reg 14G Party Wall easements, Spatial Mineral Reservation, Spatial Depth Limit. STP-09 sections 4.6, 1.16 and 1.17

1447616Survey -Strata Plan

Section 129BA of TLA Spatial Restriction, Placement of Buildings, Creation of Road Widening

STP-09 sections 4.6, 3.5, 1.11 and 1.13

1526771Re-Subdivision of Strata Plan

Spatial Restrictive Use section 6 (1) STA, Location Plan Option 2. STP-09 section 1.22

1645682Strata Plan

Stratum Wording Including Cubic Space Above and Below Buildings, Location Plan Option 1 STP-02 section 4.4, STP-09 Section 2.2


Strata Plan

Stratum Wording Including Cubic Space Above and Below Buildings, Location Plan Option 1 STP-02 section 4.4, STP-09 section 2.2


Strata Plan

Multiple Location Plans (Location Plan Option 6), section 3 (2) (a) STA, Management Statement for Encroaching Balcony. Notations section 165 P & D Act & 70A TLA

STP-02 sections 4.4 and 4.9, STP-09 sections 2.7, 1.14 and 2.2


Strata Plan

Car bays, Balconies, Courtyards, Location Plan Option 4 STP-02 section 4.9, STP-09 section 2.2


Strata Plan

Easement for Right of Support, Location Plan Option 2 STP-09 sections 2.7 and 2.2


Strata Plan

“Management Statement” Dealing with Balcony over Road STP-09 section 2.7


Survey-Strata Plan

Showing Notation Required when in a “Special Survey Area” (SSA) STP-02 section 5.1

2348041Survey-Strata Plan

Mineral Reservation CREATED IN TRANSFER over Whole Parcel, Easements in “Interests and Notifications” Schedule, building connections STP-09 sections 1.14, 1.17 and 3.5.1

24 Strata Plan

Showing Voids allocated to Lots for Clarity, BA12 Occupancy Permit, Location Plan Option 2 STP- 09 sections 2.2, 2.3 and 5.6

2547130Strata Plan

Showing Vesting Lot. section 152 P & D Act STP-09 section 1.18

2646004Strata Plan

Using section 3 (2) (b) to define Cubic Space above and below Buildings where section 3AB could otherwise be used, Location Plan Option 1 STP-09 section 2.2, STP-02 section 4.6


Building and Land, Form 36 combined with Form 3 (Valuers Certificates), Location Plan Option 1

STP-09 sections 2.2, STP-13 sections 2, 4, 8 and 14


Building and Land Creating Reg 14E Vehicle Access, Parking and Turning Easements, Location Plan Option 1 STP-09 sections 2.2 and 6.11, STP-13 sections 2 and 10


Conversion Survey-Strata

Of Strata to Survey-Strata Creating Common Property (CP) Lots above and below Lots to Protect Views and Control Future Development

STP-02 sections 5, 5.1 and 5.4


Conversion Survey-Strata

Creating CP Lot for Common Access

STP-14 section 1


Conversion Survey-Strata

After Merger Option had been Exercised, Creation of Reg 14G Party Walls, Reg 14H Intrusion, Creation of CP Lot. STP-13 section 2, STP-14 sections 1, 4 and 6


Conversion Survey-Strata

Creating Reg 14E Vehicle Access Easement, Reg 14G Party Wall Easements. STP-14 section 4

3314384Re-Subdivision of Strata Plan

Creates a Vacant Lot, Location Plan Option 1 STP-09 sections 2.2 and 6.9


Strata Plan

Shows Road Widening created under section 168 (3) of the P & D Act. STP-09 section 2.9


Survey-Strata Re-Subdivision

Re-Subdivision of “Canal” Development, Management Statement, Multiple Re-Subdivisions Inundated Lot Boundaries. STP-09 section 6.11


Of Lots Within a Strata Scheme

STP-09 section 6.14


Of Multiple Lots on a Strata Plan with Multiple Owners creating Multiple Lots of Consolidation on a Plan. STP-09 section 6.14

3848888Survey-Strata Plan

Plan Showing Addition of New “Interests and Notifications” Schedule With Multiple Easements Over the Same Portion of a Lot. STP-09 sections 1.14 and 3.6


Of Survey-Strata Lots, Unit Entitlement Added together to Create Value for New Lot, No Valuer Required

STP-09 section 6.17

4043564Re-Subdivision Of Survey-Strata Plan

Plan creating extra lots & a CP Lot and 167 P & D Act Easement.  STP-09 section 4.3, STP-12 section 16

41 Replacement

Redefinition after Acquisition of Additional Common Property. Then Re-Subdivision of CP and Lot to Form a New Lot. STP-09 sections 6.5 and 6.8

4231689ReplacementRedefinition after Taking Order: Disposal of portion of lots from Built Strata (section 29B, STA). STP-16 sections 1 and 3


TerminationOf Survey-Strata Plan and Conversion Deposited Plan 43896 Followed by Deposited Plan 43287 STP-09 section 3.5.1

Re-Subdivision of Survey-Strata Plan

Plan in a "Special Survey Area" where a FSC is required. STP-02 section 5.1, STP-09 section 6.16
4547639Survey-Strata PlanCreating Reg 14H Intrusion Easement showing Elevation Sketch with relationship to Parcel Boundary, Existing section 129BA of the TLA Spatial Restriction carried forward. STP-09 sections 4.4 and 4.6
4649343Survey-Strata PlanEasements: Existing Energy Operators (Powers) Act 1979 and creating 167 P&D Act easement. STP-05 section 3, STP-09 sections 4.5.1, 2.8, 3.6.1 and 1.14
4751092Strata PlanEasement: 136C TLA Motor Vehicle Parking (Car Stacker). Extract from Management Stacker dealing with Car Stacker Location Plan Option 6. STP-09 sections 2.1, and 2.2
4849422Survey-Strata PlanSurvey carried out using Deferred Final Marking (Special Survey Area guidelines) DFM consent letter, Initial Survey Certificate and Final Survey Certificate. STP-09 section 3.9
49 Strata PlanSpatial depiction of existing Restrictive Covenant. Existing S. 129BA TLA spatial restriction brought forward, Location Plan Option 1.  STP-09 sections 4 and 2.2
50 Strata PlanMulti-Tier scheme using STGR 37AA to define boundaries under s. 3(2)(b), Location Plan Option 6 STP-02 section 4.3 and STP-09 section 2.2
51 Strata PlanShowing s. 152 P&D Act - Vesting on 2 Lot Built Strata. STP-07 section 7, STP-09 section 1.18
52 Survey-Strata PlanPlan Creating s. 167 P & D Action regulation 33(b) Easement, Imposing Road Access conditions nder section 150 P&D Act (regulation 30 Planning and Development Regulations 2009). STP-07 section 3, STP-09 sections 4.4 and 4.6
53 Strata PlanWAPC approval delegated Local Government - Form 26. STP-06 sections 4 and 8, STP-07 section 3
5451777Re-subdivision of Strata PlanRoad widening created under s. 168(3) P&D Act. STP-09 section 2.9, STP-12 section 18
5561247Strata Plan

Single Tier scheme (Stratum including Cubic Space above & below building part lots excluding portion of building above common property) STP-02 section 4.8


Application for Title by Possession (Type A) STP-12 section 18

57 Replacement

Redefinition after Acquisition of Common Property into Built Strata (Amalgamation of Crown Land) with subsequent Merger of Common Property into strata lots. STP-09 sections 6.3 and 6.4

58 Replacement

Redefinition after Acquisition of Common Property into Survey-Strata (Amalgamation of Crown Land) STP-09 sections 8.3 and 8.4

59 Replacement

Redefinition after Transfer of portion of Common Property from Built Strata with subsequent Re-subdivision of Lots & Common Property. STP-09 section 6.7

60 Replacement

Redefinition after Transfer of Common Property Lot from Survey-Strata. STP-09 section 6.7

61 Replacement

Redefinition after Taking Order: Disposal of portion of Common Property from Built Strata. STP-16 section 1

62 Replacement

Redefinition after Taking Order: Disposal of portion of Lots from Survey-Strata (s..29B STA) STP-16 section 1

63 Replacement

Redefinition after Acquisition of additional Common Property into Built Strata (Transfer of adjoining land) STP-09 section 6.5


Re-subdivision of Strata Plan

Built Strata comprising of a Single Tier Building and Multi Tier Building using STGR 37AA to define boundaries under s. 3(2)(b). STP-09 section 6.4

65 Survey-Strata Plan

Showing CP lot with Road Name for Property Street Address purposes. STP-09 section 1.9

66 Strata Plan

Section 6(1) STA Use Restriction. STP-09 section 1.22

67 Strata Plan

Section 6A STA Use Restriction relating to Retired Persons. STP-09 section 1.23

68 Strata Plan

Removal of a section 6(1) STA Use Restriction Chapter. STP-12 section 11

69 Re-subdivision of Survey-Strata Plan

Re-subdivision showing addition of a section 6(1)STA.  STP-12 section 11

70 Re-subdivision of Survey-Strata Plan

Showing Former Tenure schedule. STP-09 section 1.3

71 Re-subdivision of Survey-Strata Plan

Showing strip of common property between the strata boundary and the parcel boundary. STP-14 section 9

4 Appendix D: Guidelines for Lodgement of Strata/Survey-Strata Schemes (formerly section 22.4 of the practice manual)

These guidelines have been adapted from those that appear in the Survey and Plan Practice Manual. Minor changes have been made to suit circumstances applicable to strata plans.

4.1.1 General (formerly section 22.4 subsection 1 of the practice manual)

4.1.2 Lodging Strata/Survey-Strata Plans and Field Books (formerly section 22.4 subsection 1.1 of the practice manual)

These Guidelines specify the practices for lodging Strata/Survey-Strata Plans and Field Books at Landgate. For the purposes of these Guidelines, Strata/Survey-Strata Plans lodged at Landgate are referred to as ePlans and field books lodged at Landgate are referred to as “p-FBS”.

4.1.3 Electronic Lodgement is compulsory for all Strata/Survey-Strata Plans (formerly section 22.4 subsection 1.2 of the practice manual)

Lodgement is compulsory for all Strata/Survey-Strata Plans. As of 1 April 2014, all Strata/Survey-Strata Plans must be lodged via the ePlan Lodgement application on the Survey Channel of MyLandgate.

4.1.4 Option to lodge e-Plans is Limited (formerly section 22.4 subsection 1.3 of the practice manual)

Surveyors must have access to Adobe Acrobat, or similar applications, to digitally certify ePlans (refer Guideline 3 below) and be registered with Landgate as a surveyor approved to lodge Plans. To become registered, the surveyor’s ‘User Certificate’ must be exported to Landgate as a Form Data File (FDF) via email addressed to Landgate will use this certificate to verify the digital signature on the Plans signed by that surveyor. Landgate will contact the surveyor in the first instance to confirm the Certificate details. Landgate will also provide the surveyor with an ’ePlan Kit’ to enable ePlans to be prepared in accordance with these Guidelines.

4.2 Approved ePlan Format (formerly section 22.4 subsection 2 of the practice manual)

4.2.1 Pre-allocated SP’s (formerly section 22.4 subsection 2.1 of the practice manual)

Surveyors must obtain a pre-allocated Strata/Survey-Strata Plan number prior to lodgement (refer to STP-09 Scheme Plans section 1.3). The Plan number must be shown on the Plan in the position designated on the Plan form.

4.2.2 ePlans must be Vector and Text Based (formerly section 22.4 subsection 2.2 of the practice manual)

Strata/Survey-Strata Plans lodged electronically to Landgate must be in a vector and text based Portable Document Format (PDF) file. PDF files based on images are not acceptable:

  1. The document properties of the PDF file are to be filled out by assigning the SP number to the ‘Title’ (include ‘sp’ in lowercase followed by the number) and the surveyor’s name as the Author (use first name initial, followed by a full-stop and space, then the surname). Insert in the ‘Keywords’ textbox whether the Plan is for a ‘Strata’ or ‘Survey-Strata’ plan.
  2. Multi-sheet plans are to be included in a single PDF file with the sheets in numerical order. All sheets are to be orientated upright in landscape view.

4.2.3 Text within an ePlan (formerly section 22.4 subsection 2.3 of the practice manual)

The text within an ePlan PDF file (including lot numbers, abuttals, angles, distances and annotations) must be editable within Adobe Acrobat, or similar applications, as Landgate sometimes needs to amend ePlans that have already been “approved”. The ePlan Kit contains documents on how to create editable text in PDF.

The standard of drafting must comply with the requirements within the Strata Titles Practice Manual.

4.2.4 ePlan File Size (formerly section 22.4 subsection 2.4 of the practice manual)

The ePlan file sizes must not exceed 2 Mb. Individual sheets must not exceed 100 Kb for any A3 sheet. It is necessary to use the appropriate Acrobat Distiller settings for the size of the ePlan being created. The ePlan Kit includes documentation on how and where to install the settings files provided by LANDGATE.

4.2.5 Primary Information Accompanying a new ePlan (formerly section 22.4 subsection 2.5 of the practice manual)

Every new ePlan lodged with Landgate must be accompanied by the following primary information:

  • Survey Lodgement Self-Assessment form:

Must be a dynamic PDF. This form must be completed and submitted with every lodgement of a new ePlan, regardless of whether lodgement fee is applicable. This will enable Landgate to generate a lodgement receipt. A template of this form is available in the ePlan Kit

  • Surveyor’s Report:

Must be in a PDF format. To be completed by the surveyor and submitted at lodgement. A template of the report is available in the ePlan kit.

  • Cadastral Survey Data (CSD) file:

Mandatory for all new Survey-Strata Plans and Survey-Strata Plan conversions. The CSD file must be in a .csd format.

4.3 Digital Signatures and Form Fields

4.3.1 The ePlan Kit (formerly section 22.4  subsection 3.1 of the practice manual)

The ePlan Kit includes templates of the form fields that must be inserted into Deposited Plans lodged electronically to Landgate. Table 1 lists the form fields that must be placed in the appropriate position within the title block of the Plan. The form fields must be named exactly (i.e. taking into account case sensitivity) as shown within Table 1 and as per the templates included in the ePlan Kit provided by Landgate.

Table 1. Form Fields to include in an ePlan

Form field


Type/format description


text Name of

Name of surveyor



Surveyor’s digital signature*

date lodged


Date the plan was lodged at Landgate

total fee


Lodgement fee paid



Receipt number



Management Statement Yes or No



Landgate Cor. File



Auditor’s digital signature



Registrar Approval



Application form number

WAPC Signature


WAPC approval number



“IOFD Subject to” text



Auditor’s digital signature

*Refer to the ePlan Kit for instructions on placing these fields in multiple sheet ePlans.

Where surveyors or agents use their own Plan forms that differ from the standard Plan format, the templates for the form fields provided by Landgate may need to be adjusted to ensure the fields are positioned correctly on the ePlans. The ePlan Kit will also include instructions on how to place the form fields into ePlans. Note that different procedures will apply depending on the version of Adobe Acrobat used.

4.3.2 Surveyor to digitally sign ePlans (formerly section 22.4 subsection 3.2 of the practice manual)

The surveyor must digitally sign the regulation 54 certificate using Adobe Acrobat ‘Self Sign Security’ prior to lodging an ePlan. The digital signature should include a scanned image of the surveyors’ signature.

4.3.3 Multi-sheet ePlans (formerly section 22.4 subsection 3.3 of the practice manual)

For multi-sheet ePlans, each sheet must contain the surveyor’s digital signature. The procedure for digitally signing a multi-sheet ePlan will vary depending on the version of Adobe Acrobat used.

4.3.4 Countersignature of Surveyors (formerly section 22.4 subsection 3.4 of the practice manual)

Where an ePlan needs to be countersigned by a surveyor eligible to lodge at Landgate, the countersigning surveyor must use a digital signature to certify the Plan in accordance with the Registrar’s Directions (see Appendix 9: Directions to Surveyors of the Survey and Plan Practice Manual). The ‘eligible surveyor’ must also be registered with Landgate for lodging plans electronically. (refer Guideline 1.3 above).

4.3.5 Backup Copies (formerly section 22.4 subsection 3.5 of the practice manual)

Surveyors must retain a backup copy of their digital signature profile file and be in a position to recall the password used to create the profile. Surveyors must ensure adequate measures are taken to protect the security of their digital signatures.

4.4 Lodgement Process for ePlans

4.4.1 Lodgement of ePlans (formerly section 22.4 subsection 4.1 of the practice manual)

As of 1 April 2014 lodgement of ePlans can no longer be sent to

All lodgements of new, amended and replacement Strata/Survey-Strata ePlans, and additional information relating to a particular ePlan must be submitted via the ePlan Lodgement application on the MyLandgate Survey Channel.

The transition of plan lodgement from an email (Plan Reg) to a web form (ePlan Lodgement) environment streamlines and improves efficiency in the plan lodgement and audit processes through the secure capture and storage of plan information and the automatic distribution of information to relevant teams or individuals.

To access ePlan Lodgement, a subscription to MyLandgate Survey Channel is required. Subscription details are available online at

Recommended internet browsers for ePlan Lodgement are Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Strata/Survey-Strata Plan types and information to be submitted via ePlan Lodgement are:

  • New Strata/Survey-Strata Plan
  • Re-subdivision of Strata/Survey-Strata Plan
  • Consolidation of Strata/Survey-Strata Plan
  • Conversion to Survey-Strata Plan
  • Merger Strata Plan
  • Amendment of Strata/Survey-Strata Plan as requested by an auditor
  • Replacement of Strata/Survey-Strata Plan as instigated by the surveyor


  • Additional information for a particular Strata/Survey-Strata Plan, including a release letter or an STR Form.
  • Note

It is imperative that additional information is only submitted after or with the ePlan. Submission of additional information before the ePlan may result in incorrect prioritisation, causing delay in the audit of the ePlan.

4.4.2 General Plan Enquiries (formerly section 22.4 subsection 4.2 of the practice manual)

Communications that are not related to a particular ePlan, such as requests for pre-allocated plan / field book numbers or general survey and plan enquiries may continue to be sent to

4.4.3 Lodgement Confirmation (formerly section 22.4 subsection 4.3 of the practice manual)

When an ePlan has been successfully submitted through the ePlan Lodgement application, a lodgement confirmation, with the lodgement details, will be displayed. Lodging parties are advised to keep a copy of the confirmation for their records.

A confirmation email, acknowledging the receipt of the submission, is also sent to the lodging party through their email address registered in MyLandgate.

If a lodgement confirmation has not displayed during lodgement, or a confirmation email not received within a reasonable timeframe, please contact the Plan Lodgement team on 9273 7387.

4.4.4 Receipted Survey Lodgement Self-Assessment Form (formerly section 22.4 subsection 4.4 of the practice manual)

A part of Landgate’s plan lodgement process, the Survey Lodgement Self Assessment form, submitted as part of the lodgement for all new ePlans, is receipted. This receipted form is sent, via email, to the lodging party on completion of lodgement as a confirmation that the ePlan has now been lodged by Landgate.

If a receipted Survey Lodgement Self Assessment form is not received within three workings days from lodgement submission, please contact the Plan Lodgement team on 9273 7387.

The above excludes lodgements of Conversion to Survey-Strata Plans and Mergers of Common Property. These types of Strata Plans are document driven. Therefore, they are only lodged when the relevant documents have been submitted at Landgate.

4.5 Approved p-FB Format (formerly section 22.4.5 of the practice manual)

Surveyors must obtain a pre-allocated field book number from Landgate prior to lodgement. The field book number must be shown in the p-FB in the position designated in the “Lodgement” section situated below the Surveyor’s Certificate inside the cover of the book.

Field books lodged electronically to Landgate must be in an A4 page size scanned “black and white” Portable Document Format (PDF) image file that is of a high standard of legibility. Scanning a field book in “black and white” at 300dpi would normally achieve the standard required. Vector graphics or text (converted to PDF) may be included in the p-FB. Landgate will reject a p-FB if the image quality is not of an adequate standard or the page sizes do not match with A4.

The “Document Properties” of the PDF file are to be filled out by assigning the field book number to the “Title” (include “fb” in lowercase followed by the number) and the surveyor’s name as the “Author” (use first name initial in upper-case, followed by a full-stop and space, then the surname with the first letter in upper-case and the remainder in lower-case).

Surveyors may include their own reference number within the “Keywords” textbox. This will allow a subsequent search to be made using that number if required:

  • Multi-page field books are to be included in a single PDF file with the pages in numerical order. All pages are to be orientated upright in landscape view.
  • p-FBs must not be encrypted at the time of lodgement.
  • The p-FB file sizes should not exceed an average of 40 KB per page.
  • Surveyors may include any relevant information in a p-FB that describes the survey. Pages created in CAD applications, pages or tables created in word processing or spreadsheets applications can all be converted to PDF and included in a p-FB where appropriate provided the pages do not exceed A4 size.
4.6 Surveyors Certificate on p-FBs (formerly section 22.4.6 of the practice manual)

Field books lodged electronically to Landgate must have the regulation 17(2) certificate signed by the surveyor as part of the scanned image.

4.7 Lodgement Process for p-FBs (formerly section 22.4.7 of the practice manual)

Field books lodged electronically to Landgate must be sent as an attachment in an e-mail addressed to The filename is to include the prefix “fb” (in lowercase) followed by the pre-allocated field book number and then the “.pdf” extension.

The e-mail used to lodge a p-FB must also include as an attachment a completed e-Lodgement Self Assessment Form (to obtain a copy of this form contact Landgate at the above e-mail address). This form must include the following information:

  • Description of the Survey. This description is entered into SmartPlan and used for cross-indexing purposes.
  • The pre-allocated field book number.

Landgate will send (via return e-mail) a receipt advising that the p-FB has been received and lodged. Surveyors should retain this receipt for their records. If a receipt is not received by the surveyor within 2 working days, contact must be made with Landgate on 9273 7423 to ensure that the e-mail was received.

4.8 Retention of Records (formerly section 22.4.8 of the practice manual)

The Electronic Transactions Act 2003 (the Act) has strict requirements concerning the retention of records, especially for the ‘First Party’ to a transaction. Surveyors that lodge ePlans must ensure that they retain their copies of the documents such that they can be readily retrieved if necessary. Surveyors should also retain copies of any email/s related to the lodgement of ePlans. The Act allows for these records to be retained in electronic form if desired.

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