APP-01 Applications
DOC-01 Document Preparation (PDF & eForms)
DOC-02 Parties to Documents - name and address requirements
DOC-03 Amendment of Documents
DOC-04 Statutory Declarations and Supporting Evidence
DOC-05 Tenancy
DOC-06 Memorandum of Common Provisions
SIG-01 Signing and Witnessing of Documents
SIG-02 Signing by Mark or Cross
SIG-03 Signing by a Corporation
SIG-04 Signing by a Liquidator, Administrator, Official Manager or Receiver
SIG-05 Signing by an Incorporated Association
SIG-06 Signing of Electronic Documents
SIG-07 Signing and Witnessing of Documents by a Person Overseas
SIG-08 Signing by an Attorney under Power of Attorney/Enduring Power of Attorney
SIG-09 Signing by a Local Government
SIG-10 Signing by a Minor
SIG-11 Signing by a Partnership
SIG-12 Signing by a Registered Friendly Society
SIG-13 Signing by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporations
LOD-01 Lodging of Electronic Documents
LOD-02 Lodging of Paper Documents
LOD-03 Fees and Transfer Duty
LOD-04 Registration
LOD-05 Request to Expedite the Processing of Plans and Documents
LOD-06 Issue of Instruments after Registration
LOD-07 Stopped Documents
COT-01 Reading a Certificate of Title
COT-02 Duplicate Title
COT-03 Application for Lost Title
REG-01 The Transfer of Land Act
REG-02 The Register
REG-04 Rectification in the Register and on Instruments (after Registration)
REG-05 Service of Court Orders upon the Registrar
TYP-01 Types of Title to Land
TYP-02 Crown Land
TYP-03 General Law
ADD-01 Change of address
BAN-01 Application by a Trustee in Bankruptcy (Section 234 of the TLA)
CAP-01 Capacity of Parties
CAP-02 Incapable Persons
DEC-01 Deceased Proprietor
DEC-02 Survivorship Applications
DEC-03 Transmission Applications
FOR-01 Foreclosure(Section 121 of the TLA)
NAM-01 Name Amendment
NAM-02 Name Suppression
POA-01 Powers of Attorney
POA-02 Powers of Attorney - types of
POA-03 Powers of Attorney - enduring
POA-04 Powers of Attorney - revocation or termination
POA-05 Declarations of Trust (Section 55 of the TLA)
TFR-01 Transfers - common scenarios
TFR-02 Transfers - Document Preparation
TFR-03 Transfers by or to an Executor/Administrator
TFR-04 Transfer: Land of Deregistered Company
TFR-05 Transfer of Mortgage, Charge or Lease
TFR-06 Life Estates
TFR-07 Transfers by an Attorney under EPA or by Administration Order (SAT)
TFR-08 Transfer by Mortgagee/Debenture Holder/Annuitant (Chargee) exercising Power of Sale
TFR-09 Transfers by Sale for Rates (Local Government Act 1995)
TFR-10 Transfer Pursuant to a Property (Seizure and Sale) Order
VOI-01 Western Australian Registrar and Commissioner of Titles Joint Practice: Verification of Identity and Authority. Paper Based Transactions
VOI-02 Western Australian Registrar and Commissioner of Titles Joint Practice: Verification of Identity and Authority. Paper Based Transactions - How to Complete a Verification of Identity
VOI-03 Western Australian Registrar and Commissioner of Titles Joint Practice: Verification of Identity and Authority. Paper Based Transactions - Foreign Countries
VOI-04 Verification of Identity and Authority- Electronic Transactions
CAR-01 Carbon Rights and Carbon Covenants
CAR-02 Carbon Rights and Carbon Covenants Rights - amendments to
CAV-01 Caveats - overview and purpose
CAV-02 Caveats - further reading
CAV-03 Caveats - types of
CAV-04 Caveats - document preparation and lodgement
CAV-05 Caveats - removal
CAV-06 Caveats - removal - document preparation and lodgement
CHA-01 Charges and Removals
CHA-02 Charges under the Health or Bankruptcy Act
EAS-01 Easements
EAS-02 Easements & restrictive covenants (strata companies)
EAS-03 Removal of Easements
ENC-01 Application – Remove Expired Encumbrance Section 184
LEA-01 Leases of Land
LEA-02 Leases of Land - variations of and to
LEA-03 Leases of Land - removal
MEM-01 Memorials
MTG-01 Mortgages
MTG-02 Mortgages - variations
MTG-03 Mortgages - document preparation
MTG-04 Mortgages - discharges
NOT-01 Notifications
PAP-01 Profits à Prendre
PAP-02 Profits à Prendre - various Acts
PSS-01 Property (Seizure and Sale) Order (PSSO)
PSS-02 Property (Seizure and Sale) Order - removal
TPA-01 Tree Plantation Agreements
TPA-02 Tree Plantation Agreements – amendments and removal
WAW-01 Writs of Fieri Facias and Warrants of Execution
WAW-02 Writs and Warrants - removal
STR-01 Freehold and Leasehold Schemes
STR-02 Lodgement and Registration of New Strata Titles Schemes
STR-03 Single Tier Merger and Conversion Options
STR-04 Amendment of Strata Titles Scheme - Effecting Subdivision
STR-05 Amendment of Strata Titles Scheme - Not effecting Subdivision
STR-06 Termination, Variation or Expiry of a Strata Titles Scheme
STR-07 Scheme By-Laws
SUB-01 Subdivision
SUB-02 Application for New Titles
BAP-01 Amendments of Boundaries, Area or Position
ROA-01 Creation of Private Roads
ROA-02 Creation of Public Roads
ROA-03 Roads and their Closure
POS-01 Adverse Possession
SEA-01 Search Certificates (s.146 and 147 of the TLA) & Stay Orders
Terms of Use
TYP-04 Bringing Land Under the TLA
VES-01 Vesting Orders
COV-01 Covenants
COV-02 Covenants - removal
TAK-01 Taking Orders - Overview
TAK-02 Taking Orders - NOITT
TAK-03 Taking Orders
RES-01 Crown Reserves
ACQ-01 Acquisitions
AMA-01 Amalgamations
CRW-01 Crown Land - General
REG-03 Searching the Register
Strata Form Reference Table
Transitional Guide for Strata Titles Scheme Lodgements
SIG-14 Signing by a Strata Company
SIG-16 Signing by a Plenary Administrator under SAT Order
CAV-07 Caveats - Electronic Caveat Preparation