Scheme notice

Version 1 - 30/06/2021

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Name of Form: Scheme notice

Type of Form:  Scheme document

When it’s used:

  • When applying for registration of a community titles scheme
  • When amending the registered Scheme Notice for a community titles scheme

How to fill in the entries:

  • When registering a new community titles scheme fill in each entry with the correct data
  • When amending an existing scheme notice fill in the entries that haven’t changed with the correct data and entries that are being amended with their new data.
Details of entries:
  • Scheme number: The number which is shown on the Scheme Plan, so if the plan says Scheme Plan 12345 then the scheme number is 12345.
  • Name of community corporation: This name must clearly identify the community corporation and it must include the scheme number. The name of the community corporation includes the scheme number, e.g. Tranquil Waters 12345.
  • Address for service of the community corporation: The address for service must be an address of a place within Australia where mail can be delivered. Only one address to be stated.
  • Electronic address for community corporation: The electronic address of the community corporation which will usually be an email address. Only one address to be stated.
  • Check box: Select this box to acknowledge that the appropriate resolution has been passed for any change to a registered scheme notice– see Certificate of community corporation – Change of community corporation name and/or address for service .
  • Execution:
    • When applying to register a community titles scheme, to be signed by the owner of the parcel of land (registered proprietor(s)) or lot to be subdivided by the community titles scheme. Owner of a lot has the meaning in section 3(1) of the Community Titles Act 2018.
    • When amending a Scheme notice, to be signed by the community corporation.
  • Note: An electronic address for service is optional and is an additional address for service of the community corporation.

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