Information sessions

Information Sessions

DevelopmentWA will present their information session in late August 2021 to all shortlisted applicants. The session will be presented as part of a bus tour of DevelopmentWA projects across the Perth metropolitan area.

Alongside the opportunity to network and engage with DevelopmentWA and Landgate leaders, shortlisted applicants will learn about:


  • What we do.
  • Our approach to innovation.
  • Key projects, challenges and opportunities.


  • The Grants process and success stories.
  • The future of data at Landgate.
  • The Pitch Event.
  • Refining your presentation.

Successful applicants will go on to have access to information sessions from our other Partner Agencies. Details will be provided directly to attendees, with the following sessions to take place in November 2021.

Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (DPLH) 

  • What we do
  • Working with DPLH
  • Data in planning processes


  • Understand how to work with location data from Landgate
    • Data access under a start-up / VAR / land information licence.
  • Examine available Landgate data and its application
    • Formats.
    • Imagery.
    • Case study.
  • Compare the Data WA catalogue with its spatial counterpart in SLIP
    • Overview of Data WA.
    • Licencing requirements.
    • Permissions to use data.
    • Shared Location Information Platform (SLIP).

Positioning Australia

  • Positioning Australia
    • Our current services from the NPIC and upcoming software releases.
  • How we support broader Geoscience Australia
    • Explain Digital Earth Australia and our key location centric datasets.
    • Explain the key project in Exploring for the future.

Department of Finance 

  • WA State Government procurement policy and practice
    • Government policies.
    • Quote and tender processes.
    • Selection criteria and evaluation process.
    • Aboriginal procurement policy.
    • Tenders WA System.
  • Market Led Proposals (MLP)
    • Overview of Policy.
    • What is a MLP.
    • How to prepare and submit an MLP.
    • Key stages of the MLP process.

Department of Local Government Sports and Cultural Industries (DLGSC)

  • Our department  
    • About DLGSC.
    • Overview of DLGSC’s diverse portfolio and core business.
  • Community wellbeing
    • Working collaboratively with government, community organisations, peak bodies and other stakeholders to achieve our vision of creating a vibrant, inclusive and resilient WA community.

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