SPUR Location Grants Program

About the Program

Welcome to the SPUR Location Grants Program.

Landgate’s SPUR Location Grants Program is a collaborative Western Australian (WA) Government initiative, designed to discover innovative location data technology and deliver improvements to the State’s land and property sector.

In 2021, Landgate is proud to announce its partner agencies are:

$25,000 in grant funding will be allocated to up to six eligible candidates, with one grant co‑funded by DevelopmentWA.

Grant applicants must demonstrate their proposal is unique and explain how it uses location data to deliver improvements to the land and property sector. This could be through:

  • data management and modelling
  • information sharing and collaboration
  • improved operational efficiency (e.g. process automation)
  • emerging digital technologies (e.g. digital twin or smart city capability).

Along with the financial support, successful candidates will attend targeted information sessions delivered by each partnering agency. The information sessions provide invaluable networking opportunities and assistance to better engage with WA government data and procurement processes.

Applications closed on 30 July 2021.

We continue to build on the success of the program

These success stories showcase some of the start‑ups and small businesses supported to date.

Through the 2021 SPUR Location Grants Program, Landgate will continue to support small to medium enterprises, tech start-ups, emerging businesses, researchers, and not-for-profit organisations working with location data.

The Program is focussed on applications that can demonstrate how an idea harnesses location data to deliver improvements to the land and property sector. Some examples of new technology using location data include:

  • 3D and 4D data management and modelling
  • digital twin technology
  • smart city technology.

What does the SPUR Location Grants Program provide?

Landgate is working with its partner agencies to offer grants under three categories:

  • $25,000 to a First Nations candidate
  • $25,000 research grant to a Curtin University academic or student
  • $25,000 each for four WA based small businesses or start-ups, with one grant co‑funded by DevelopmentWA.

Each grant offers:

  • Funding of $25,000 for each successful candidate.
  • Information sessions run by Landgate and partner agencies.
  • A networking program over six months that aligns your idea with participating agencies, connecting successful applicants with the right people in government.


What is happeningWhen is it happening
Applications open1 July 2021
Applications close30 July 2021
Short listing completed13 August 2021
Information session for shortlisted applicantsAugust 2021 (date tbc)
Pitch event (Curtin Research)7 September 2021
Pitch event (General and First Nations)10 September 2021
Successful applicants announcedmid-October (date tbc)
Information session for successful applicantsNovember 2021 (dates tbc)

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