Survey plan lodgement

Landgate's survey plan lodgement business unit provides a range of survey services in both regional and metropolitan locations. As well as providing geodetic, topographic and cadastral control survey programs to the surveying industry, specialist staff from plan lodgement services can provide survey plan lodgement and registration advice and support to surveyors, consultancy and project management services for commercial and government organisations, as well as testing facilities and calibration services. We also have online conversion calculators for your convenience. 

Survey plan advice

This service offers advice on survey plans, lodgement of survey plans and support for drawing techniques. The service is free and generally used by surveyors however the general public also has access. Survey plan advice is available at Landgate Midland.

Online conversion calculators

Distance conversion from links and chains to metres.

Area conversion from acres, rods and perches to square metres.

Survey plan lodgement & registration

Licensed surveyors can submit their plans via the ePlan Lodgement web application. 

Field records can be lodged by email to

For all information relating to requirements and guidelines for lodging survey information please refer to Chapter 17 of the Survey and plan practice manual. Note: plan lodgements incur a fee and can be lodged over the counter at Landgate Midland, Perth and Bunbury.

This page was last updated on: 29 Mar 2017