Geodetic strategy

Landgate is responsible for the development and maintenance of geodetic infrastructure and services to support surveying, mapping and positioning in Western Australia (WA).

The Geodetic Strategy for Western Australia to 2025 [PDF 2.45MB] sets out four strategic priorities for Landgate to ensure the WA geodetic system is accurate, reliable, and relevant to its current and future users. Landgate commits to delivering the stated actions for each of its strategic priorities.

1. Maintain and enhance geodetic system physical infrastructure and data by:

  • Protecting existing and installing new ground marks, including standard survey marks and benchmarks, to deliver the appropriate mark density required to support strategic State initiatives as well as the survey and spatial industry requirements.
  • Evaluating historical and capturing new survey measurements between ground marks to improve geodetic system accuracy and integrity.
  • Integrating new CORS into the WA geodetic system to ensure legal traceability of position and rigorous propagation of uncertainties.
  • Maintaining high quality survey data and metadata as a single source of truth.
  • Capitalising on collaborative opportunities to maintain geodetic infrastructure.

2. Support modernisation and implementation of the AGRS* by:

  • Modernising GESMAR and GOLA to allow for delivery of all elements of the AGRS, seamless integration with the WA spatial cadastre, and new data delivery formats that support automation and improve user experience.
  • Improving automation of the state-wide geodetic network adjustment processes and contributing data and technical expertise to maintain the AGRS.
  • Enabling accurate GNSS based height determination by supporting geoid model improvements.
  • Leading the implementation of GDA2020, ATRF and AVWS in WA.

3. Provide expert advice, maintain standards and specifications by:

  • Providing expert knowledge on matters related to geodesy and positioning.
  • Contributing to development and supporting survey standards that are aligned with best practice and national and international standards.
  • Contributing to the development of open-source geodetic software and data.
  • Maintaining survey instrument calibration facilities, both EDM and barcoded staff, and provide certification.

4. Strengthen our leadership, collaboration and strategic engagement by:

  • Collaborating with Geoscience Australia to improve the National Positioning Infrastructure.
  • Participating in national and international developments and forums aimed to enhance positioning capabilities.
  • Sharing data, knowledge and resources with research and educational organisations focusing on innovation and developing future capabilities.
  • Engaging with government, industry, and academia to promote and maximise the value of geodesy and positioning for the WA economy.

(*) The Australian Geospatial Reference System

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