Custom training

Landgate is a Western Australian State Government agency that runs a comprehensive and integrated public land information system. We offer custom training programs that provide opportunities for international governments to learn how to operate a modern administration of land information system. 

Training programs

Landgate has a strong reputation as a quality provider of comprehensive and practical staff training programs and customised study tours.

We have experienced trainers that can develop specialised programs to build knowledge and capacity, aimed specifically for your staff.

Our training programs are practical and interactive, enabling participants to learn from Landgate's subject matter experts. We can design programs that run for one day or up to four weeks, depending on your budget and availability.

Participants will experience: 

  • Firsthand observations of the workings of an innovative government agency with a dual focus: to provide the State with accurate and secure land information whilst also being enterprising in its business approach
  • Working alongside Landgate's professionals to learn about our sophisticated land information systems and processes
  • Attending interactive and in-depth lectures on elected topics delivered by subject matter experts, as well as relevant site visits and tours
  • Developing relevant business skills in a land information management context
  • Developing professional networks and relationships in Australia and with other participants.

Aid-funded fellowship programs

Landgate can also work with your organisation to seek aid funding through international development agencies. These aid-funded programs can assist with funding training programs for developing countries. 

Study tours

Landgate can develop customised study tours. These are generally focused at a strategic level and attended by senior/executive leaders. By showcasing Landgate's key strategic initiatives and policy development, which has led to our excellence in operating a world-class land information authority, attendees gain high-level knowledge to support reform in their own countries.

What our clients say

Asia region


"The fabulous learning program provided by Landgate's in-house training, field visits and tours assisted me to learn and made studying easier. The competent presenters provided clear presentations that maximised my learning opportunities."

Ms Nguyen Hong, Director International Cooperation, General Department Land Administration, Vietnam.

"All the courses and presentations were useful and interesting with clear demonstrations. China is a developing country with many aspects needing improvement; my contribution will be to employ the knowledge and experience I gained at Landgate in my future work."

Mr  Fong Hongshan, Department of Land & Resources, Zhejiang Province, China.

"Although governmental structures and land management issues in Western Australia and in Nepal are different, we are all governed by the desire for good governance, good service to the community and excellence in our day to day duties. During the training course, Landgate demonstrated how they excel in their duties and also provided us with a great example of a modern and successful land information agency" 

Mr Suresh Prasad Nepal, Under Secretary, Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, Kathmandu, Government of Nepal. 


"I appreciated the opportunity to learn all about land information management systems in Western Australia. The comprehensive training course I followed at Landgate helped my understanding of land issues and motivated me to further my studies which I am now doing at Kathmandu University of Nepal."

Ms Karuna K.C, Survey Engineer Department of Survey, Government of Nepal.


"Landgate is the best institution on production and delivery of land related services. The training on leadership development at Landgate is one of the most fruitful training in my career. I am now much more comfortable in negotiation and dealing with conflicting issues on land."

Mr Janak Raj Joshi, Director Land Management Training Centre, Survey Department, Government of Nepal.


"On behalf of Laos delegation, I would like say many thanks from our hearts to Landgate to give us the opportunity to attend a very rewarding training course on land management. We acknowledged that Landgate, due to the excellence of its processes is the best place for us to gain lots of experience and knowledge on what to aim for in the future development of our land management systems. We wished to continue this fruitful collaboration with Landgate."

Mr Khitlaxay Kokmila, Deputy Director Land Survey Division, Department of Land Administration, Lao People's Democratic Republic.

Pacific region


"I have learned so much when I was at my land administration fellowship at Landgate. Our presenters were very professional, they knew their topics inside out and were happy to share the information, they also made sure that we felt welcome and at ease to ask questions." 

Ms Reei Tioti, Chief Land Management Officer, Directorate of Lands, Government of Kiribati.


"The land information and titling system in Landgate is a "WOW" meaning amazing, impressive or an outstanding success! I wish the best land administration practices of Landgate could happen in our department. My immersion training in Geographic Information System (GIS) inspired me to apply it in my workplace."

Ms Cynthia U. Lozano, Chief Urban Management Section, Land Management Bureau Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Manila, Philippines.


"My Landgate experience was so worthwhile. The projects/programs presented to us by Landgate were all interesting, specifically the "interest enquiry". The knowledge gained in this journey will surely help in the performance of my work. Indeed, collaboration is the key to success. Thank you, Landgate"

ENGR. SALLY C. DIZON, Department Of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Philippines.

Africa region


"My training at Landgate has been not only an enriching experience but also an inspiring one! During my training at Landgate, I had the opportunity to significantly enhance my knowledge and skills. The land management systems, the new business approach and the innovative revenue generating services witnessed at Landgate could all be customised to benefit my organisation in its ongoing transformation to become a world-class land administration agency."

Ms Deoyani Hurrynag, Principal Registration Officer, Registrar General Department, Government of Mauritius.


"Landgate is the most innovative place I have ever been to, a place where staff are so knowledgeable yet so willing to share their experience with the world. My time at Landgate was so rewarding and I am now much more able to contribute to the advance of my country's land administration systems. Thank you Landgate, you are the best!" 

Ms Maseni Letsie, Assistant Land Registrar, Land Administration Authority, Maseru, Lesotho.


"Working with spatial data is my everyday business especially the updating and production of different maps using orthophotos. The knowledge gained at Landgate will allow me to make better use of satellite imagery and this will greatly assist me in my work. I am keen to keep the relationship alive with the Landgate experts I met during my training course and I am already working on establishing formal linkages between our institutions."

Mr Ntho Mokhethi, Manager Mapping Services, Land Administration Authority, Maseru. Lesotho.

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