Landgate shares its experience of developing and managing a world-class land administration system around the nation and across the globe. As a fully operational and integrated land information agency, we offer tailored advice to local and international organisations and government data providers. 

Using our wealth of location information and land administration expertise, we can help your organisation maximise the value of location information to improve your business processes and systems, benefiting your organisation and customers.

Delivery of our consultancy services, especially in developing countries, has culminated in the establishment of solid and equitable partnerships which are helping to alleviate poverty, modernise land systems, increase resources and encourage self-dependence. Learn more about our international consultancy services and how they have supported national organisations around the world for the past 20 years. 

Our consultants provide expertise across a broad spectrum of specialised services. Contact us today by email us at

Location information (GIS and spatial intelligence)

Landgate recognises that enabling the right land and property decisions within government and the community requires easy access to quality and up-to-date location information. To meet future government and industry requirements Landgate has taken the bold and innovative step of harnessing the power of the Shared Location Information Platform (SLIP).

Landgate can help your organisation leverage the power of location information for experienced and non-experienced GIS users alike, opening up a new world where location information is highly valued, shared and utilised in all levels of decision making and long term planning.

This can result in process efficiencies, cost savings, risk reduction and improved decision making, ultimately improving your overall business performance.

Natural resource/disaster and emergency management (remote sensing technologies)

Landgate is at the leading edge of research and development in remote sensing technologies and its applications. This collection of skills and experience provides the ability to assist organisations develop innovative solutions to any number of emergency/disaster or natural resource management problems.

Our technical team offers training and advice which helps support organisations grow internal capacity in delivering quality products and services. This includes developing skills in image processing, analysis and in the development of customer-focused web services.

Landgate's experience in working in partnership with emergency management organisations and leading research projects means we can provide advice on building relevant, current and innovative early detection and monitoring services and products to resolve strategic issues.  Find out more about our Satellite Remote Sensing Services (SRSS).

Land titling and registration

Securing land tenure rights for citizens through effective land administration practices are core to improving economic growth and sustainability.

Landgate operates under a Torrens system of land registration and is considered a world leader in its governance and implementation.  Our experts can provide advice on:

  • establishing effective registration processes and practices
  • developing laws, regulations and governance, survey, mapping and boundary demarcation
  • setting up dispute resolution and conflict management procedures
  • system improvement and strengthening industry/stakeholder relationships.

Survey and cadastre

High quality information about a country's geography is critical for effective government, economic growth and sustainability.  Survey and cadastral information forms part of the critical foundations in establishing key spatial data infrastructure and effective land information systems.

Landgate's experts can provide strategic and operational advice to clients moving towards developing a survey and cadastre for their country.  Advice extends to establishing solid business practices, strong governance and operational processes, as well as the development of key industry partnerships and relationships.

Valuation and taxation

Landgate recognises the importance of fair, affordable and transparent land valuation on a government's ability to generate revenue through the collection of property taxes.

Landgate has extensive experience in land and property valuations and has established a sustainable valuation program. This experience can help other government organisations move towards a more modern and effective valuation system.

Our consultants can provide a range of services which extend to:

  • reviewing current business practices and recommendations for improvements
  • designing governance and legislative frameworks
  • establishing operational practices and procedures to modernise methods to maximise productivity
  • providing advice and training on valuation systems to accurately value land based on professional knowledge.

Land law (governance and policy)

Landgate recognises the importance of establishing comprehensive legal and policy systems which protect the rights of land owners and create the foundations for operational processes and practices in organisations responsible for managing matters relating to land.

Our consultants have experience in working with international and local governments to establish relevant land laws which help support the change to more modern methods and adapting to changing environments.

At Landgate, our experts can assist with the creation and development of legal frameworks and guidelines for land and property ownership, including registration systems, survey and cadastre and valuation and taxation activities.

Our consultants work in collaboration with our clients to ensure the most appropriate approach is taken in establishing new laws which meet the historical, political and cultural needs of each region.


Landgate launched its Innovation Program in 2008, and is now openly sharing our innovation journey with other organisations.

While at Landgate we refer to innovation as a program, it is not simply a stand-alone strategy but a philosophy which permeates all aspects of the work Landgate does. It is a culture which strives to achieve excellence in all areas.

Innovation has enabled Landgate to constantly provide its customers with the best in location knowledge, exploring new and existing technologies to improve our services.

Our innovation consultants can demonstrate to you how innovation can create a robust organisation that can grow and adapt to any challenge. More information and contact details can be found on our Spur website.

ISO 9001 certified 

Landgate is ISO 9001 certified, guaranteeing quality for our customers. Some of the major benefits of this certification include:

  • improved consistency of service and product performance
  • improved productivity and efficiency through continuous improvement processes
  • better products and services.

This page was last updated on: 11 Sep 2020