Topographic data

The topographic database (TGDB) provides a whole-of-state view of natural and man-made features with themes of relief, hydrography and cultural.

It is a 2D dataset with height attribution on contour and spot height elevation features. The important characteristics of the database include persistent identifiers.

Key information

The Topographic data contains the themes of; transport, industrial, hydro, ground surface (relief & morphology), building outlines with feature level capture date and last modified date.

Geometry type: point, line, polygon

Update cycle: as required


Medium Scale – whole of state;

Large scale – metropolitan Perth, major regional centres.

NOTE: Landgate no longer maintains large scale topographic features (road centreline excepted). The large scale topographic data capture programme ceased in 2016. Landgate will continue to provide the data whilst it continues to provide value for some purposes. Please consider carefully the suitability of the data for your purposes.

Data dictionary - geodata

Sample - geodata

Shared Location Information Platform (SLIP)

Due to the nature of SLIP, multiple layers have been created within the topographic SLIP subscription services. All layers contained within the services as well as related data dictionaries can be found here:

Data dictionary – SLIP

Medium scale

Large scale

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