Aerial imagery

Landgate's aerial imagery capture offers near ‘whole of state’ coverage across Western Australia - excluding the East Arid regions.

It is available as RGB ortho-rectified mosaics captured from 1948 to present day.

Capture regularity and resolution

Perth and environs

was captured annually until 2011 when it became half yearly, then quarterly in 2015.

In 2019, the capture returned to bi-annual, in the summer and winter months.

Ground resolutions range typically from 40 to 10cm depending on the year of capture.

Sub-regional centres, townsites and aboriginal communities

are more recent acquisitions and captured less frequently than the Perth metro area.

Capture resolutions range between 15cm and 10cm.

Regional WA

is captured as 1:100k map tiles.

The frequency of capture of each map tile is a combination of demand and cyclical revision.

Resolutions are typically 50cm.

Guidelines for access to aerial imagery

Due to the nature of aerial imagery and the market for its supply, a VAR’s intended usage must be acceptable to Landgate and specified within a licence before access and pricing is provided.

Acceptable use

  • Generally, Landgate will allow access to imagery where it will not be used as the primary focus of a derived product. Where the focal point of a VAR’s product is in providing functionality, information or a solution to a problem and aerial imagery is merely providing a supplementary visual reference/backdrop, it will be considered favourably.

Unacceptable use

  • Where the selling point of a VAR’s product is the actual aerial imagery, with added functionality considered secondary or an enhancement to the imagery, then Landgate will not provide imagery access.
  • Where a VAR creates a product that will have users frequently consuming large amounts of imagery (within the SLIP environment), resulting in degraded performance for other subscribers. In these instances, Landgate may look to provide the imagery via an alternative channel.

The acceptance of a value added reseller application for imagery will be case by case at Landgate’s discretion.


This page was last updated on: 11 Sep 2020