Business opportunities

Landgate is an innovative, commercially-focused statutory authority responsible for Western Australia's location and property information.

Combining modern technology with efficient land administration procedures, Landgate delivers a broad range of location information products and services to state, national and international customers in government, the private sector and the community.

Our vision is to solve tomorrow's challenges, led by location knowledge.

Landgate is committed to pursuing new business partnerships and alliances with a focus on location-based products and services. These may include joint ventures, capital investment and innovation opportunities. We have successfully collaborated with other organisations locally, nationally and internationally over many years.

Read our Capability Statement and find out what we can do for you and your business.

An example of a recent successful venture is earthmine Australia.

We currently have a dynamic research and development capability through an alliance with Curtin University, activities with other universities and technology partners and within the Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRCSI).

Co-operative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRCSI)

The CRCSI is Landgate's main vehicle for coordinating spatial research and development. Commercial opportunities currently being investigated include:

  • research outcomes within the agricultural sector through the Biomass business project
  • the creation of new technology to aid decision-making in urban planning through the Greening the Greyfields project.

Knowledge and technology between the CRCSI and Landgate happens through a number of pathways. Currently CRCSI researchers are working closely with Landgate staff to determine how new tools for automated feature extraction from Landgate's imagery can be integrated into Landgate's businesses processes to deliver business efficiencies.

The Spatial Infrastructures program, led by Landgate's Kylie Armstrong, has attracted high achieving PhD candidates. Research has commenced into the next generation of internet searching and automated online data discovery technology that will complement the continuing development of Landgate's Shared Location Information Platform (SLIP).

Effective collaboration between Government, industry and researchers, such as Landgate's work with the CRCSI, creates opportunities for Western Australia to achieve greater outcomes in science, as noted in the Science Statement for Western Australia.

If you are interested in working with Landgate please contact:
Jodi Cant, General Manager, Business Development.
Tel +61 (08) 9273 7005

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