Partnering with you

Landgate is always looking at new ways to work with organisations locally, nationally and around the world. We offer opportunities to promote our products, follow our innovation program, harness our unique skills and knowledge through consultancy, and form commercial partnerships and alliances. Landgate continues to seek new opportunities to partner with you and we welcome your enquiries.

Innovation program

Landgate’s innovation program was launched in 2008. Since then other public and private organisations have successfully incorporated Landgate’s innovation framework into their business.

Business opportunities

At Landgate we believe in innovation and collaboration. In the management and use of location information and technology we seek new opportunities through business partnerships and alliances.

Licensing agreements

Landgate has a series of standard licences to suit your needs. Descriptions and samples of Landgate’s user, trial and industry agreements are available.

This page was last updated on: 11 Sep 2020