Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have multiple billing accounts?

All billing accounts that are linked with your Landgate login will appear on the account selection screen.

If I have multiple billing accounts, how can I change which account I am logged in under?

You will need to logout of MyLandgate and close all windows in that browser. You can then start a new session, login and select a different billing account to use to transact with Landgate.

I only have 1 billing account – will I still see the account selection screen?

Yes, you will still see the account selection screen. You will need to select this account to continue.

What if I can’t see my account?

If you cannot see your account, it can mean that either:

  • You have not been authorised to use your organisation’s billing account. Please speak to your User Representative and request access to the billing account
  • Your account has been suspended and is unable to be unlocked without further investigation. Please contact Landgate’s Customer Service team on +61 (0)8 9273 7373.

What if my account is suspended or has hit its credit limit?

If your account is suspended, you will need to pay the account via credit card. Until your organisation’s billing account has been unsuspended you will:

  • only be able to purchase products on our online shop paying via credit card
  • be unable to access any services with interactive charging such as Land Enquiry (LEN).

Can I still access Property Reporting Online (PRO)?

PRO can still be accessed by logging into MyLandgate and selecting which account you would like to use to complete your transaction.
We recommend that you do not bookmark the URL for Property Reporting Online and always login via MyLandgate when using PRO.

How do I link my legacy user ID?

Before 28 November, you will need to create a new Landgate login and follow the instructions outlined on the MyLandgate access page to link your legacy user ID.

If you are unable to link your legacy user ID before this change, you will need to create a new Landgate login and use the self-service functionality to request access to your organisation’s billing account.  
You will need to work with your User Representatives to restore access and permissions to specific channels and applications.

This page was last updated on: 07 Dec 2018