Survey channel

MyLandgate's survey channel is used by surveyors, cartographers and planners who want online access to government land and property information.

Survey channel features:

  • regular online service updates
  • forms, specifications and guidelines
  • online training programs and user manuals
  • NLR-Plan link for lodgement of plans and field books
  • NLR-Plan videos, FAQs, onboarding kit
  • Geodetic Mark Search (GOLA)
  • aerial photography updates
  • Geodetic Marks Competition
  • useful web links
  • Landgate Customer Information Bulletins and Notices to Surveyors.

Survey channel services:

Land Enquiry

Land Enquiry is used by hundreds of MyLandgate subscribers daily to:

  • search land information and order copies of Certificates of Title, plans, and field notes
  • view and order property sale price information (Sales Enquiry)
  • request tenure information, access advanced filter options.


You can view online products for free, except for the following searches, where charges apply:

Table 1 Summary of Sales Enquiry listing fee
Personal and online searchesPrice
View of Sales Enquiry per Listing$8.20
Table 2 Summary of Power of Attorney listing fee
Online searchesPrice
View of Power of Attorney Listing per Enquiry$0.00
View of Power of Attorney Detail per Enquiry$0.00

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This page was last updated on: 21 Jun 2019