Conveyancing channel

MyLandgate's conveyancing channel is for conveyancers, legal professionals, banks and real estate professionals who want online access to government land and property information

Conveyancing channel features:

  • regular online services updates
  • Landgate Customer Information Bulletins
  • land registration 'How To' guides
  • useful web links.

Conveyancing channel services:

Land Enquiry

Land Enquiry is used by hundreds of MyLandgate subscribers daily to:

  • view and order copies of Certificates of Title, plans, transfer and mortgage documents
  • view and order property sale price information (Sales Enquiry)
  • request tenure information, access advanced filter options.


You can view online products for free, except for the following searches, where charges apply:

Table 1 Summary of Sales Enquiry listing fee
Personal and online searchesPrice
View of Sales Enquiry per Listing$8.20
Table 2 Summary of Power of Attorney listing fee
Online searchesPrice
View of Power of Attorney Listing per Enquiry$0.00
View of Power of Attorney Detail per Enquiry$8.20

Electronic Advice of Sale (EAS2)

EAS2 is used by hundreds of conveyancers and legal professionals to:

  • advise WaterCorp, State Revenue and local authorities of an impending property settlement
  • lodge a single enquiry about multiple titles/lots on the same Offer and Acceptance
  • calculate EAS2 fees and charges for a property before lodging an enquiry.

From end of September 2017, EAS will be accessed through the Property Reporting Online (PRO) system, accessible through your MyLandgate account.

Region Scheme Certificate System (RSCS)

RSCS is used by hundreds of conveyancers and legal professionals daily to:

  • request and receive Clause 42 or 47 or Clause 53 region scheme certificates
  • receive confirmation of whether or not a resumption or rezoning applies to a property
  • lodge an enquiry as part of an Electronic Advice of Sale request or as a stand-alone enquiry.
Table 3 Region Scheme Certificate System fees
Department of Planning and Infrastructure Fee
Clause 42 $27.00
Clause 47 $27.00
Clause 53 $27.00
Landgate service fee if lodged as part of an EAS2 enquiry $6.80
Landgate service fee if not lodged as part of an EAS2 enquiry $8.20

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