What is a Landgate Login?

Landgate has introduced the Landgate Login – a single set of login credentials which provide access to all Landgate online applications. As each online application is upgraded, you will be able to use your new Landgate Login to access it.

Landgate’s eforms (eg National Mortgage Form) and plan lodgement in the New Land Registry (NLR-Plan) already use the Landgate Login. If you have registered to use these, then you already have a Landgate Login. You can use that same login to request access to MyLandgate.

For users who are new to Landgate online applications, select Create your login to register for a Landgate Login. Fill in your details including a personalised email address (eg your.name@your.business) NOT a group or generic email address (eg. sales@your.business). Once you submit the form, the system will send an activation email to the address you provide.

More information on the Landgate Login is available on the Access to Landgate’s online applications page on our website.

This page was last updated on: 16 Oct 2022