Why does the error say i do not have the required role to access the search/product?

Your login will be one of three different types of roles - Guest, Registered, or Billing Account. Land Enquiry Services uses roles to determine what products you can buy, what information you can see, and what types of searches you can perform. For more information about roles and increasing your access, refer to the Land Enquiry Services information page.

How do I know who is logged in?

At the top right corner, there is a grey box that will contain either 'Guest User' if you have chosen to use the application as a Guest, or it will note the name of the user who has logged in with their Landgate Login. If your Landgate Login is joined to a Billing Account, you will also see the account number to ensure you have selected the correct account before incurring charges.

Is it possible to access Map Viewer not Map Viewer Plus from Land Enquiry Services?

No, Land Enquiry Services connects you to Map Viewer Plus. It is more compatible with the latest web browsers ensuring you have a better experience locating land information. Separate access to Map Viewer is still available through the MyLandgate portal for billing account customers only.

With the launch of Land Enquiry Services will there be an increase in fees?

No, fees for products and services are set each year in correlation with CPI and regulation standards. The launch of Land Enquiry Services does not alter the fees Landgate charges.

How are Associated Documents ordered?

Associated Documents are in chronological order for the Date of Execution, with the most recent being at the top of the list.

Why are Restrictive Covenants Benefits and Burdens not appearing in the associated document list?

These documents are not linked in Land Enquiry Services the same way as other documents associated with a certificate of title. The plans and instruments for restrictive covenants will need to be purchased by typing in the unique numbers after retrieving the correct information from the title.

In Duplicate Status, why does it say "Last Issuing Details" when the title is not issued?

The "Last Issuing Details" refers to the last time that title was made paper and issued from Landgate. This would be considered historical information if the title is no longer issued.

Is there a print function within Land Enquiry Services?

No, Land Enquiry Services has no print function built into it. However, you can print directly from your web browser and the page should format correctly.

When trying to order a plan in the Multiple Products screen I continually receive an error. Am I doing something wrong?

When ordering a plan in the Multiple Products screen you must enter in the correct prefix. P = Plan, DP = Deposited Plan, D = Diagram and SP = Strata Plan. If you're uncertain about which prefix to use, use the Plan Information search to investigate the plan numbers you have.

Why am I not able to search by Name?

If you don’t have a MyLandgate account, name searches must be conducted in person at one of our Landgate Offices in Midland or Perth. An in person request requires you to present 100 points of ID to comply with Name Suppression guidelines.

Why won't it let me order a Field Record?

Field Records are the licensed surveyor’s notes from surveys of land and are only available to specific authorised users. If you are not a licenced surveyor and require access to a field record, please submit your request in writing to Customer Service.

I need a certified copy of a product in Land Enquiry Service. How do i order it?

You can purchase a certified copy of a product by completing and submitting the Request for Certified Copy form. Customer Service will process your request and should provide you the document within 5 business days.

I've done a Dealing Search and it says it's a Registrar’s Packet. Can you provide me the status of this?

You can purchase a status report for a Registrar’s Packet by completing and submitting the Request for Status Report form. Customer Service will process your request and should provide you the document within 5 business days.

I've done a Dealing Search but the NotifyMe product is missing. What's happened?

A dealing search can be done on any dealing, even when it's completed. NotifyMe will only appear as an available product for dealings that are not yet complete.

A document is still 'Under Examination' but I need a copy of it now. How do I order it?

You can purchase a copy of an unregistered dealing by completing and submitting the Request for Dealing Search form. Customer Service will process your request and should provide you the document within 5 business days.

How far back does Ownership History go?

Historical ownership will show the changes of proprietors back until approx. 1989. If you need historical ownership information prior to this date, you may wish to seek Landgate's recommendations for your specific investigation. Landgate has Historical Searches available, along with several other products that may assist you.

Ownership History does not show me historical consideration figures. How do I get this information?

This information is available in the sales reports available for purchase through Land Enquiry Services.

I used to get Historical Information such as Key Sheet information from Land Enquiry (LEN). Where is this in Land Enquiry Services?

Historical information such as Historical Crown Allotment, Key Sheets and Survey Index Card Information can be viewed as static historical information externally from Land Enquiry Services. You will be able to download the data for free for your investigation.

I previously used Sales Enquiry in Land Enquiry (LEN), is this still available?

Yes, Land Enquiry Services provides a new search option called Ownership History that provides you the information without interactive fees.

I have come across information which is incorrect in the registry who do I advise?

Send your findings through to investigationrequests@landgate.wa.gov.au

When using the Shopping cart it continually asks me for my contact number is there a way around this?

Landgate is working on a way to automatically add the phone number associated with your Landgate login. In the meantime, you’ll need to type it in when completing your order details.

This page was last updated on: 04 Mar 2020