Landgate Online Services

Online Services is the gateway to Landgate’s online applications.

You will be required to register for a Landgate login, which will allow you access to some of Landgate’s applications. A Landgate login enables the applications to understand who you are, what level of access you should have, and allows you to connect to a billing account should your company have one with Landgate.

Select an application below to find out more  and how to start using it. Helpful resources about each application are also available.

Land Enquiry Services

Land Enquiry Services allows you to search land and property information, enquire on a dealing status, and order related products including certificate of titles, plans and documents.


MyLandgate has specialist channels tailored to suit different industry sectors, and provides access to essential products and services, updates, useful links, training guides and other helpful resources.


E-forms connects you to the central repository of all Landgate land titling forms. The electronic forms (e-forms) are grouped according to what type of lodgement you are looking to action.

This page was last updated on: 11 Jul 2020