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Place and feature name information is stored in Landgate's GEONOMA data set - the official geographic names database for Western Australia.

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The Geographic Names Committee, supported by Landgate, administers the naming of:

  • administrative areas
  • towns
  • suburbs and localities
  • roads
  • geographical features (eg hills, rivers and lakes).

Names data gives you:

  • name of feature
  • unique ID number
  • feature class and status
  • LGA name and number
  • locality
  • map number
  • derivation of name.

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Names data is available for the whole of Western Australia, including Cocos (Keeling) Islands and Christmas Island.

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We have a series of standard licences covering the supply of Landgate data for use within a customer's business and for those wishing to operate as a commercial partner. Descriptions and samples of our licences are available.

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