LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) is an increasingly popular remote sensing technology that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser (typically from an aircraft) to measure 'ranges', thereby enabling the accurate calculation of distances and elevations in a 3D environment.

As the State's custodian of elevation data, Landgate is making its existing LiDAR data archive (as well as future acquisitions) available for use by state & local governments and the commercial sector. Our repository comprises of acquisitions since 2017, captured over specific areas of the state in support various state-based initiatives and at various resolutions.

We expect the website to be live by mid-June 2022.

It will include:

  • An index of coverage
  • Sample data
  • Pricing
  • Licensing provisions
  • An order form.

In the meantime, please contact for further information.

This page was last updated on: 13 May 2022