WALIS Marine Group

WALIS Marine Group

The WALIS Marine Group's (WMG) primary functions on behalf of the WA community is to:

  • facilitate the strategic capture of areas affected by the marine environment
  • share the captured data
  • promote the use, management and retention of the information.

Members of the group include:

  • state and local government departments
  • port authorities
  • the research sector
  • those who are involved in managing marine or coastal concerns.

The group's main role is to encourage the coordination and availability of marine and coastal data and related techology. Data accessibility enables planning and decision-making based on suitable, reliable and up-to-date information. In turn, this supports coastal development and the management of the marine environment.

The Strategic Plan (PDF, 320.87 KB) and  Terms of Reference (PDF, 304.08 KB) provide the overarching mission and goals of the WALIS Marine Group.

Getting involved

WMG welcomes visitors and new members to the group. We are keen to hear of relevant projects and data initiatives and are open to opportunities. This may include linking with agencies who have mutual interests or who work in the marine space.

Contact Jenny on 9273 7093 or jenny.smith@walis.wa.gov.au if you would like to contribute or find out more.

Marine and coastal data

Discover marine and coastal data on data.wa.gov.au in the catalogue, or in the marine coastal group of web services. We encourage data custodians to share their data on data.wa.gov.au. You can also make data discoverable through the available metadata in the catalogue.

Showcases link to related websites and apps. There are many more linkages to marine and coastal data portals and applications. These can be added to data.wa.gov.au to enable a connected marine community.

WA marine map

View Western Australian public sector data in the WA marine map. The how to guide and map overview (PDF, 3813.36 KB) have information on how to use the WA marine map and marine data services.

Visit the National Map to view WA data in an Australia-wide context. The National Map also provides the option for you to select the data layers and add your own data to the map view. An overview (PDF, 236.96 KB) on how to use the National Map is available.

The Capture WA program is a coordinated approach that captures a variety of data, including bathymetry. You can use the Capture WA online register as a way to notify us of data capture you have recently undertaken.The register is also used to request specific data acquisition through the Capture WA contract.

Managing Coastal Vulnerability (MCV) project

The Managing Coastal Vulnerability (MCV) Project was a priority project under the Location Information Strategy (PDF, 1394.56 KB). Public sector agencies worked together to prepare high priority marine and coastal datasets. The project lead was the Department of Transport. WALIS Marine Group was the key reference group.

Key deliverables of the project include:

  • a ‘one-stop shop’ to discover and access all verified Western Australian coastal and marine information
  • delivery of key information to:
    • support coastal engineering
    • modelling of storm events and development impacts.

Objectives of the MCV project:

  • Package high use and high value state government marine and coastal spatial datasets, so they are easy to use.
  • Increase inter-agency and inter-governmental collaboration of marine data maintenance and distribution.
  • Increase efficiencies in how state government organisations access and manage marine spatial information

The project overview (PDF, 1597.98 KB) document provides high level information and the final project report (PDF, 4732.78 KB) provides a detailed account of the project.

The stakeholders in this project are the custodians of the data sets and the users of the data.  The WALIS Marine Group is the key body representing both the data custodians and the users.

Datasets included in the MCV project are:

For further information or to discuss the MCV project contact the Project Manager, Ralph Talbot-Smith at ralph.talbot-smith@transport.wa.gov.au or the WMG chair jenny.smith@walis.wa.gov.au.

This page was last updated on: 10 Mar 2021