Capture WA FAQs

Capture WA FAQs

The program is open to any Western Australian State or Local Government agency that requires the capture of location information.

Any type of location information can be requested though Capture WA. This commonly includes satellite and aerial imagery, but can also be extended to other types of data including (but not limited to) assets, geology and relief.

Any type of submissions to Capture WA are made and managed online via the online Capture WA register. For information about the online register, and applying for access, please click here.

The online Capture WA register is an online portal supporting the function of Capture WA by providing tools supporting the submissions tracking and management of requests to the program. It replaces the spreadsheet submission system used in previous callouts. For information about the Register and applying for access, please click here.

Your request will be discussed with the appropriate data custodian, and a decision regarding its inclusion in the program will be made. Capture and distribution of the successful requests will be coordinated by the data custodian.

This depends on a number of factors including (but not limited to), type of data requested, policies/procedures of the data custodian, and whether or not your request receives Capture WA program funding.

We strive to have the capture cost of requests covered under the annual Capture WA program budget. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that our funding will cover all requests. In such cases, you will have the option of covering or contributing to the cost capture, while still benefiting from cost savings as part of the greater procurement contracts.

Licensing costs for data may vary between the various custodian agencies/types of data they supply. For example; Landgate classifies some information as Fundamental Land Information (FLI) meaning that it will be supplied for the cost of extraction and distribution (assuming, of course, that the capture is funded though Capture WA). Other non-FLI datasets may attract additional costs.

To make things simple, all costs associated with your request will be discussed and agreed with you prior to any capture or supply activities.

The capture program is run as round aligned to the financial year. The coordination of the state’s land information capture takes careful planning which starts well in advance of the capture activities.

Therefore imagery submissions need to be submitted to WALIS no later than the April to ensure consideration for the upcoming financial year capture period.

We understand that there are certain cases where capture outside of the Capture WA program is warranted and appropriate. In such cases WALIS should be advised of the action as per the 2011 State Cabinet directive in respect of the Location Information Strategy:

“All current and planned capture proposals of location information using Government funds will be provided by public sector agencies to Landgate in order to identify and prioritise in consultation with the relevant public sector agencies opportunities for strategic investment in the capture of this information.”

In its simplest form, your capture may be of key benefit to other organisations and avoid costs and effort of potential duplication of capturing the same information.

Yes. Capture WA is the new name for SLICP, to avoid confusion with the Shared Location Information Platform (SLIP). Objectives, operation and resourcing of the program are unaffected by name change.

This page was last updated on: 25 Jun 2021