Crown reserves

Crown reserves subscription service

This subscription service gives you access to cadastral polygons that depict land set aside as Crown Reserve. It identifies the reserve class, the responsible management body and reserve purpose (eg: recreation, conservation of flora and fauna, water) along with other information about reserves.

You can also find references to attribute information found in Cadastral and Tenure subscription services. This data contains current reserves only; you can obtain a cancelled reserve report by contacting the Business Sales and Service team on +61 (0)9273 7683 or email

All data contained within the Reserve subscription service is sourced from Landgate and updated daily.

Please note: For all legal purposes, you should refer to the imaged original documents maintained at Landgate and relevant Government Gazette publications.

Key information and attributes

vesting/management order, date created/gazetted, reserve name, reserve number, crown land title, local government authority, reserve purpose, lot number, area.

Geometry type: polygon

Update cycle: daily

Coverage: whole of state

Data download: yes

Accuracy: This service should not be used for legal purposes. For all legal requirements, please refer to original documentation.

You can access more information including data dictionaries, map and web service URLs at

Need help?

You can contact our Business Sales and Service team on +61 (0)9273 7683 or email for more information on SLIP subscription services.

This page was last updated on: 22 Dec 2021