Data products

Landgate offers a range of location information products to successful value added resellers (VARs). VARs can purchase any, or all, of these datasets in order to create their own products and onsell to end users.

To apply to become a VAR please review all information provided and then complete the VAR Application.

A trial licence can be arranged to access SLIP sample data.

VAR location information agreement

VAR location information application

Revenue declaration form


Sales data

Contains information about the sale of freehold and leasehold properties within Western Australia. Two datasets are available - sales evidence data and pending sales data.

Residential property attribute data

Provides the most current building attributes available for residential properties in Western Australia.

Tenure data

Contains information relating to ownership and vesting of freehold and Crown land in Western Australia and is sourced from Western Australia's official digital land registry.

Cadastral data

Contains land parcel boundaries for all freehold and Crown land within Western Australia including lodging cadastral, administrative, control marks and easements.

Road centreline data

Derived from Landgate's topographic dataset of the State of Western Australia. New roads are named and captured from a survey plan at the time of lodgement and stored in the road centreline dataset.

Topographic data

The topographic database (TGDB) provides a whole-of-state view of natural and man-made features with themes of relief, hydrography and cultural.

Property street address

This dataset is extracted from the authoritative street address database maintained by Landgate on behalf of the State of Western Australia.  

Aerial imagery

Landgate possesses an extensive aerial imagery archive over Western Australia. It is captured in the visible spectrum and perpendicular to the earth's surface, is ortho-rectified and geo-referenced.

NDVI Satellite Imagery

Normalised Difference Vegetation Index

Other data

Other selected datasets available to value added resellers.

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