SLIPStream June 2018

We’ve listened! Improved Landgate data through SLIP

For a long time, you have been providing us with feedback on how you would like to see improvements to how Landgate data is delivered through SLIP.

Landgate recently made key changes to some of its data products following system upgrades. We have also taken this opportunity to incorporate your feedback into the Landgate data products as delivered through SLIP, aligning better with recent changes to geospatial data and Landgate’s business systems.

As a result, new layers will be added to SLIP from early July 2018. The changes will benefit users:

  • by reducing duplication
  • richer feature attribution
  • addition of cadastral control data
  • removal of unused fields
  • data contained in the services will align more closely with the source data
  • greater consistency of attribute naming across datasets
  • more conventional formatting of data types.

Landgate will migrate the data changes to SLIP by publishing new layers in early July 2018. We understand that if you have SLIP data integrated with your business systems, you will need time to consider these changes and incorporate them into your business systems.

Therefore, the existing layers will still be available in parallel until 30 September 2018, providing you with time to make the necessary changes. After this date, they will be retired.

Please note that some layers within the existing services won't be migrated and they will be retired from SLIP. However, there will be no change to the data update cycle until these layers are retired at the end of September 2018.

The data and services affected are:

Specifically, within the Cadastre service, as the data is duplicated in the Cadastre layers, Easement layers are not included separately in the new Cadastre service. The existing separate Easement layers will eventually be retired from SLIP.

Data dictionaries and dataset change comparison documents will be published to DataWA as they become available. Currently, you can view the Cadastre data dictionary (PDF) and Cadastre change comparison (excel spreadsheet).

If you have questions, support is available from the Business Sales and Service Team on +61 (0) 9273 7683 or

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DataWA updates

Toolkit additions

The Open Data team has uploaded new content to the DataWA toolkit:

New datasets

A big thank you to the agencies that have recently made new datasets available on DataWA:

Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development

Fisheries Guide

The full list of WA fisheries boundaries as documented in the annual ‘Status Reports of the Fisheries and Aquatic Resources’ is comprised of six different categories that have been grouped together as the Fisheries Guide:

When searching for information in relation to a type of fish/ a fishery/ an area or activity, then it is important that you refer to all the above Fisheries Guide categories, as looking in just one category alone may not return the relevant boundaries.

Department of Planning

Local Planning Scheme - R Codes

Local Planning Scheme - Scheme Boundary

State Planning Policy 2.8 Bushland Policy for the Perth Metropolitan Region

State Planning Policy 2.4 Basic Raw Materials

State Planning Policy 2.3 Jandakot Groundwater Protection

State Planning Policy 5.4 Road - Rail Transport Noise and Freight Considerations in Land Use Planning (Point)

State Planning Policy 5.4 Road - Rail Transport Noise and Freight Considerations in Land Use Planning (Polygon)

State Planning Policy 5.4 Road - Rail Transport Noise and Freight Considerations in Land Use Planning (Line)

Department of Fire and Emergency Services

Bush Fire Prone Areas designated on 01-06-2018

Bush Fire Prone Areas 2018

State Library of Western Australia

State Library of Western Australia: WA Theatre Ephemera

State Library of Western Australia Digitised Maps 1840-1985

SLWA Commonwealth Games photographs


Perth Parking Policy

If you have any queries regarding the data updates, please get in touch at

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Event calendar

These upcoming events may interest you:

If you have a data-related event that you would like to promote, please email the details to

All SLIP-related events are listed in the SLIP event calendar.

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