SLIPStream July 2018

Update | Improved Landgate data through SLIP

Landgate is making improvements to how data is delivered through SLIP, taking on board your feedback and better aligning with recent changes to geospatial data and Landgate’s business systems. You may have read about this in the last edition of SLIPStream.

New layers are starting to be published to SLIP. Landgate understands that if you have SLIP data integrated with your business systems, you will need time to consider these changes and incorporate them into your business systems.

Therefore, the existing layers will still be available in parallel until 30 September 2018, providing you with time to make the necessary changes. After this date, they will be retired.

Please note that some layers within the existing services won't be migrated and they will be retired from SLIP. However, there will be no change to the data update cycle until these layers are retired at the end of September 2018.

The data and services affected are:

Please refer to the Landgate data changes page on DataWA for further information. Be sure to check out the new data dictionaries and change comparison logs that detail the relevant changes, as they become available.

New property street address and administrative boundaries services will be released soon.

If you have questions, please contact Business Sales and Service Team on +61 (0) 9273 7683 or

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Landgate Basemap refresh

Landgate’s Basemap has recently been refreshed with updates from the whole-of-state topographic geodatabase.

The Basemap will be updated on a quarterly basis to ensure a common view of the state for government and industry. It’s accessible as a supplementary SLIP subscription service or through Landgate’s MapViewer Plus.

If you aren’t currently accessing this map service through your existing SLIP subscription, please contact to have it added.

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Hidden in DataWA is an Easter egg

Congratulations to Nathan Regan from the Water Corporation on finding the Easter egg hidden in DataWA!

What is the Easter egg? Only a few people know…will you be the next lucky person?

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DataWA updates

Have your say | Proposed new data sharing laws

The federal government is seeking input into new laws that propose making more public data available for sharing and release.

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet recently released an issues paper for consultation on the development of the Data Sharing and Release Bill. This forms part of their response to the Productivity Commissions’ Data Access and Use Inquiry.

The new laws are part of a broader push to recognise and harness data as a key national asset for public and economic good. It can also enable the public sector to gain access to richer and more timely information to inform decisions and policies.

We encourage you to have your say in this important development in the data space. You can provide comment until 1 August 2018.

More information and links are available via ITNews

If you have any queries regarding data, please get in touch at

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Event calendar

If you have a data-related event that you would like to promote, please email

All SLIP-related events are listed in the SLIP event calendar.

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