Shared Location Information Platform (SLIP)

SLIP is delivered by Landgate on behalf of the State and sources location information from across the public sector and beyond so you spend less time discovering more. SLIP is an open data platform for sharing location-based (or spatial) information and is a key mechanism in supporting the State’s Open Data Policy through

Thousands of datasets can be accessed through SLIP via a wide range of maps and web services. Most of the data can be viewed directly by anyone through SLIP public maps. We encourage you to explore what's available through SLIP today via

Landgate SLIP subscription services

Landgate uses SLIP to provide access to much of our land information via subscription license terms. Our SLIP subscription services include imagery, cadastre (land parcel and boundary details), tenure (ownership and certificate of title information), topography, road centreline, property street address and much more.

Need help?

You can contact our Business Sales and Service team on +61 (0)9273 7683 or email for more information on SLIP subscription services.

SLIP subscription services​​​​​

SLIP provides access to our location information conveniently with web services and maps.


SLIPStream keeps you up-to-date with SLIP's latest products and services

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