Our people - the reason for our success

Developing leadership for the future

Landgate is aware of the need to support, develop and expand the capabilities of its people. Landgate continues to do this through its learning and development programs – many of them designed and developed in-house by organisational development professionals. The focus this year has been on developing the leadership skills and behaviours required to support ongoing cultural change and take the authority into the future.

The ‘Explore’ program launched in 2015/16 continued to be rolled out across the business, with 45 participants attending during the year. Explore equips people managers with the skills to lead in a challenging and dynamic environment. Since its launch, over 140 people have attended the program, with 98% of participants stating they would recommend it to others for their development.

“Having undertaken the Explore Program, I have a much deeper understandingof Landgate’s rich history, its vision for the future and the role I need to play to support the achievement of this”.

Hannah Ley - Explore participant
Audit and Risk

A senior leadership program called ‘Beyond’ was also launched this year. Beyond builds on Explore and develops the ability of Landgate’s senior leaders to drive a unified vision for the agency.

Through Beyond, Landgate has expanded its senior leadership group, enhanced leadership capability, and strengthened relationships and teamwork amongst its leaders responsible for the achievement of Landgate’s strategic goals.

Landgate also built its leadership capability by creating an operating committee with six participants from the Beyond program. The operating committee led the organisation while Landgate’s General Managers were seconded from their day to day duties to progress project work on the commercialisation of Landgate’s new land registry platform.

The in-house leadership programs together with the dynamic leadership of the operating committee, has created momentum and support for Landgate’s ongoing cultural transformation. Landgate’s employees are generally more prepared to support and encourage one another to challenge the status quo and improve the way we do business.

“As a result of the Beyond program I have a much better understanding of Landgate’s strategy. I have developed stronger relationships with other parts of the business because of the trust developed through the shared experience of Beyond. The place just ‘feels’ different, more collegiate and more like one big team”

Annaliese Walster - Beyond participant
Product Delivery

Creating cultural change

The ‘Landgate Way of Working’

Landgate’s values are at the heart of everything we do. Landgate’s cultural change journey continued this year, with activity focused on encouraging the behaviours and creating the environment needed to demonstrate Landgate’s values and create a high performance culture.

The ‘Landgate Way of Working’ is based on a model that outlines the leadership behaviours expected by all Landgate people to create a culture that is aligned to our values. During the year, nine workshops were held to introduce Landgate employees to the Way of Working. Over half of Landgate’s employees attended, and participated in activities that helped build connections with others, break down silos across the business and challenge things that get in the way of change.

In September a ‘Landgate Way of Working’ survey was conducted to measure employee engagement. Almost 80% of Landgate’s people participated, and responses identified key actions for teams to implement to help increase employee engagement. The survey created a baseline for measuring improvements in employee engagement and will be repeated in September 2017.

Landgate’s recruitment practices were improved during the year to ensure new employees align with the desired culture. Candidates applying for positions at Landgate need to demonstrate how their talents and expertise match their ability to work in a way that reflects Landgate’s values.

Improving our work environment

Improving our business and the way we work has required Landgate to make some changes to its Midland premises during the year, consolidating teams in the building and improving the work environment.

The Midland building had barely changed since the former Department of Land Administration moved into the premises in 1993. This year, minor changes were completed as part of a larger plan to create a more collaborative and efficient environment. Teams were relocated into a smaller accommodation space to allow them to work more closely together. Office areas throughout the building were refurbished to improve their appearance and layout, including introducing some concepts of an agile working approach.

Ultimately, Landgate will occupy a smaller footprint in its Midland accommodation, providing opportunities for other tenants to make use of the space. During the year, Landgate worked with Department of Finance to identify potential options to lease its surplus accommodation.

Fostering workplace diversity

Landgate is committed to creating an inclusive workplace that celebrates the diversity of its people and the broader Western Australian community. In February, Landgate celebrated Lunar New Year, with over 100 people enjoying a buffet lunch and traditional lion dance performance.

Increasing Aboriginal economic participation

During the year, Landgate commenced work on a strategy which looks to increase opportunities for Landgate to improve economic outcomes for Aboriginal people and build stronger relationships with the Aboriginal community.

The strategy looks to broaden the opportunities for Aboriginal people and Landgate to work together beyond more than just employment opportunities. The strategy will focus on building education and career pathways, partnership opportunities and ways to engage Aboriginal suppliers.

As part of Landgate’s cross-cultural awareness program, ten cultural awareness training sessions were delivered during the year, attended by approximately 130 people. Overall almost 80% of Landgate staff have now attended one of these cultural awareness sessions.

Landgate also participated in a number of events in support of the Aboriginal community. Respected Noongar Elder Dr Richard Walley presented Landgate with a message stick to celebrate National Reconciliation Week. Dr Walley crafted the stick to represent Landgate’s reconciliation journey. It features curved lines similar to contour lines used in cartography, which also symbolise Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people working together. Central to the design are six dots representing the six seasons of Noongar culture.

Supporting the community

Landgate participated in various events to support the local community. Landgate sponsored Midland NAIDOC celebrations in partnership with the City of Swan and Swan Alliance, commemorating the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

In March, Landgate hosted its annual Women’s Day Breakfast, attended by representatives from various local businesses, community groups and Landgate staff. It was the 20th year Landgate has held the breakfast event, with donations going to Be the Change Australia, a not-for-profit group that works to empower and inspire the community to a sustainable, just and fulfilling future.

Landgate also participated in a tree planting day at Whiteman Park, planting over 3,000 trees as part of an annual program to restore degraded land. It is the seventh year Landgate has participated in the program.

In October, Landgate employees visited the Bentley Child Mental Health Clinic, spending time with teenagers and children with mental health issues and cooking them lunch to help celebrate World Mental Health Day. In December, Landgate staff donated food and gifts which were wrapped into Christmas hampers and donated to local Aboriginal charities.

Fundraising events continue to be well supported, and Landgate employees can donate directly to charities through the payroll system. Over $4,000 was raised for a number of different charities during the year, including the Royal Flying Doctors Service, Perth Children’s Hospital and Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary.