Chair & Chief Executive message

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Chair's message

Landgate continued to improve efficiency and service delivery, and create value for Western Australia (WA) throughout 2016/17. The theme of this report ‘Leading change. Looking beyond’, reflects our achievements for the year, and the transformational change the agency has undertaken to ensure it continues to deliver value to our customers and the WA community.

With the state economy, and the property market in particular, facing significant challenges, Landgate continued to drive its business transformation program to become leaner, smarter and more efficient. This focus on managing costs, driving efficiencies and working smarter enabled Landgate to achieve a profit of $26 million, delivering a financial return to government for reinvestment into the state.

Landgate’s transition to a new technology solution for land titles and plans positions the agency to prosper in an increasingly digital world, and gives our customers and community a faster, more secure environment for land and property transactions.

Landgate also secured the support of government and the property industry to progress its reform of strata title in WA. This ensures the agency can maintain an appropriate regulatory environment for the state that supports its future housing and development needs, as well as government infrastructure projects such as METRONET.

Over the last twelve months, several states across Australia have moved to outsource their land registry functions. The recent concession of the New South Wales titling and registry services in particular, is a fundamental shift in the Australian land registry market. Landgate’s subsidiary Advara is now providing Landgate’s new land registry (NLR™) platform and expertise with other jurisdictions as they look to fundamentally change the way they do business.

As WA continues to diversify its economy, Landgate has worked to build value for the state through pro-active investment decisions, such as Advara, and Property Exchange Australia (PEXA). The value of these investments continued to grow in 2016/17 and they have the potential to realise significant value for the WA community in the future.

As well as managing its existing investments, Landgate has been looking to create further value through SPUR – proactively seeking new investment opportunities that emerge as disruption occurs across the location information sector.

I would like to thank my fellow Board members and the management team. Collectively, they have provided the leadership and expertise needed to ensure Landgate has delivered benefits for WA this year, and is well positioned to continue to create real value.

Finally, I thank the Lands Minister Rita Saffioti, for her support of Landgate’s endeavours and its vision for the future.

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Chief Executive's message

This has been a significant year for Landgate. We’ve celebrated 10 years as a statutory authority and achieved good results, as we delivered the changes necessary to position us for future success.

During the year, we provided a more efficient and secure land registration and plan lodgement process for the WA community, reinforcing our commitment to protecting the property rights of Western Australians. The successful completion of our innovative New Land Registry platform (NLR™) has allowed Landgate to move the WA Titles Register into the cloud and progressively grow the levels of automated processing of land registrations. As a result, turnaround times for customers have continued to improve and it is pleasing to see this reflected in our high levels of customer satisfaction this year.

A new plan lodgement function was also delivered through the NLR™. The new system will benefit the land development industry and consumers by decreasing turnaround times for issuing Certificates of Title for new developments. This is the result of close collaboration with the surveying profession who are key users of the system, and have been heavily involved with its development.

Our journey to become more agile and efficient has continued through our business improvement program, with new structures implemented for the majority of our core business and corporate services functions. This has reduced our salary costs by approximately 15% and injected new talent and capability into the business.

With most of the business now having undergone structural change, reforming our culture was a focus this year. Recognising that true cultural change takes time, we have defined and developed the leadership skills and behaviours to support our ongoing cultural transformation. Ultimately, it is our people who will drive the agency to future success. Our leadership programs – Beyond and Explore – and Landgate’s ‘Way of Working’ are equipping our people to be true to Landgate’s values, look forward and create value for the agency, our customers and our community.

During the year, I had the opportunity to meet with land registry representatives from across the globe. All are facing similar challenges as our industry undergoes rapid changes. From these challenges come opportunities to collaborate and create new, better ways of doing business for the citizens and governments we serve. Advara Limited, Landgate’s start-up company, was established for this purpose and became operational during the year.

In April, Advara achieved its first success outside of Western Australia, becoming the specialist technology consultant to the successful bidder for the New South Wales land registry business concession. A special thank you to everyone involved in this incredible achievement, including members of the Landgate Corporate Executive team who focused considerable effort and energy on ensuring Advara’s success.

Our legislative reform program has continued, with drafting and consultation on the development of complex new strata legislation. The strata reforms will enable new, more flexible housing and development options that will build vibrant communities. We also delivered amendments to the Sale of Land Act which provide greater protection for consumers when buying lots ‘off the plan’.

SPUR, WA’s new location and technology hub, celebrated its first year of operation, stimulating innovation, collaboration and new business enterprises to diversify and grow the WA economy. Nine emerging start-up companies were awarded SPURonWA grants to accelerate the development of their location based business. SPUR has also continued to lead implementation of the State’s Open Data Policy, driving collaboration to improve the sharing, management and use of public sector data. Over 40 agencies are now sharing more than 800 datasets through the state’s open data service, which is supported by Landgate’s Shared Location Information Platform (SLIP).

Landgate’s reputation for innovation and forward thinking was recognised at local, national and international levels this year. Landgate received a Premier’s Award under the Developing the Economy category for its NLR™ platform. It also received national acclaim as the 22nd most innovative company in Australia from the Australian Financial Review and most recently, received international recognition as the subject of a case study through Princeton University’s ‘Innovation for Successful Societies’ program.

Recognising these achievements in what has been a significant year in our history, I would like to thank the heart of our organisation - our people. Their commitment to this business ensures we continue to create value for our customers and community in everything we do.