Valuation services

Landgate values all properties in Western Australia, supporting fair and accurate property rates and taxes.

The value of property is a key foundation within our economy. Fair, accurate and independent property valuations are of vital importance to property owners and government authorities.

Landgate provides expert valuations and analytics for Western Australian properties.

Valuation services include:

  • Statewide rating and taxing valuations for over 1.4 million properties each year. These valuations are used by local governments, government agencies and emergency services as a basis to determine property rates, service charges and levies.
  • Specialist valuation services for government departments, agencies and local authorities, including asset valuations for stamp duty and financial reporting.
  • A pastoral lease rent review every five years, which is conducted by the Valuer-General in consultation with the Pastoral Lands Board and in accordance with the Land Administration Act 1997.

This page was last updated on: 22 Mar 2021