Registration services

Landgate secures interests in Western Australian properties, as the State’s guardian of property ownership.

Property and a sense of place is at the heart of the Australian dream. Maintaining the security of property rights for Western Australians is essential to giving people the confidence that their assets are protected.

Landgate maintains the State’s land titles registry, ensuring the security and integrity of its information.

Registration services include:

  • Cadastral survey plans, which define property and land boundaries, being registered in WA’s Land Titles Registry.
  • Certificates of Title being issued for each new land parcel in the State.
  • Registering interests in land, such as ownership, mortgages, caveats, leases, memorials and powers of attorney.
  • Land transaction management to support the sale of tens of thousands of WA properties each year.
  • Supporting digitisation, like electronic conveyancing, to make transacting in property safer and faster.

This page was last updated on: 22 Mar 2021