Land Matters September 2016

Have your say about strata reform while industry consultation continues

As drafting of the Strata Titles Amendment Bill continues, Landgate is welcoming feedback and comments about the proposed changes.  There is detailed information and videos about the reforms on Landgate’s website.  Landgate is keeping this information up-to-date throughout the drafting process.  If people wish to have input they are encouraged to contact Landgate via this email address –

The strata reforms are large and complex and Landgate has a duty to ensure that the legislation is technically sound.  Landgate continues to seek technical feedback, from experts in the strata industry and other government agencies, on working draft portions of the Bill.

Landgate anticipates the Bill will be introduced to Parliament next year.

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Subiaco Oval – 1964 to now

This image was captured on Saturday 10 October 1964 during that year’s WAFL Grand Final between Claremont and East Fremantle. More than 45,000 people cheered on as Claremont made a thrilling late comeback to break a 24-year drought and win the premiership.

Visit the Landgate website to see a sliding image of 52 years of change to Subiaco Oval from 1964 to now.

See more about Landgate imagery.

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New laws protect off-the-plan buy/sell

Legislation has been introduced to the Western Australian (WA) Parliament which will support the release of affordable new lots and subdivisions onto the property market.

The Sale of Land Amendment Bill 2016 clearly states the obligations of developers and buyers when the developer is not the registered owner of subdivided lots at the time of sale.

Lands Minister Terry Redman said developers often sell lots in subdivisions before obtaining approvals and land titles, but a 2014 Supreme Court decision raised legal uncertainty about the ability of developers to enforce sales contracts in these circumstances.

"This legal uncertainty has been detrimental to the property industry because developers have been constrained in their ability to deliver new projects and banks have been reluctant to lend money in these circumstances," he said.

The Minister said the proposed legislation would enable developers to sell lots off the plan while also providing extra protection for buyers.

"The amendments to the Act will clearly state the obligations of developers and buyers when the developer is not the registered owner of the land at the time of sale," Mr Redman said.

"Sales contracts will make buyers aware of the situation and will provide a deadline for the developer to become the registered owner of the lot.

"Deposits will be held in trust accounts and will be refunded if the developer fails to meet the deadline.

"These amendments will clear up uncertainties relating to the enforceability of sales contracts which will support the release of affordable new lots and subdivisions into the market."

Visit Landgate for more information about Sale of Land Amendment Bill 2016.

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‘Managing a Million Square Miles’ book launch

Landgate is launching a book in October which explores the rich and fascinating history of lands and surveys in Western Australia.

Ron Hutchinson, who worked for the Department of Lands and Surveys for 26 years, has spent 12 years writing the book which takes readers on a journey from Western Australia’s colonial days to the early 21st century.

The launch of ‘Managing a Million Square Miles, A History of Western Australia’s Department of Lands and Surveys’ is planned for Tuesday, 25 October 2016 and books will be available for purchase there or from the Hesperian Press website.

Former employees of the Department of Lands and Surveys, DLI, DOLA or Landgate who would like to attend the launch should email

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