Land Matters March 2016

Leasehold strata will give landowners new leasing options

Western Australian landowners can look forward to more leasing options through reforms to the Strata Titles Act 1985, which propose to allow for leasehold strata.

Introducing leasehold strata over freehold land will give a landowner the ability to create a strata scheme for a fixed-term of between 20 and 99 years and then sell long-term leases of lots within that strata scheme.

This will be beneficial for land owners who are not in a position to sell, but wish to have land developed – such as a church or university.

Buyers of the leasehold strata lots will acquire a long-term lease of that lot, which they will be able to sell without needing the landowner’s consent.  Buyers of leasehold strata lots will be issued with a Certificate of Title for their leasehold strata lot and will be able to obtain a mortgage over the leasehold lot.

Leasehold schemes can be created by a freehold landowner who does their own construction and development, or by a developer that the freehold landowner has leased the land to, with the intention of developing a leasehold strata scheme.

Every leasehold strata scheme will operate with a strata company, which will be made up of the people who own the leasehold strata lots. The leasehold strata company will operate under the by-laws for the leasehold scheme. The leasehold strata company will be responsible for the control, management and maintenance of the building and common property, of the leasehold scheme.

Every leasehold strata scheme will have an expiry date, just like a normal lease.

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Cutting-edge technology helps farmers save time and money 

Farmers can now harness satellite technology to help them make day-to-day decisions about their properties with Landgate's new farm monitoring tool, Pastures from Space Plus.

Officially launching the tool at Wagin Woolorama on Friday 11 March, Lands Minister Terry Redman said it integrated high-resolution satellite imagery, a stocking rate calculator, feed budgeting tool and Bureau of Meteorology rainfall data.

"Farmers who subscribe to the monitoring tool will save time and money by having access to high-resolution satellite imagery of their paddocks," Mr Redman said.

"They will also have rainfall figures and more than a decade of historical pasture data in one online service that is easily accessible on mobile devices.

"Farmers can prepare customised charts and calculations in a few minutes to help them make important management decisions about their properties such as feed budgeting, stocking rates and fertiliser application.”

The original 'Pastures from Space' was first launched in 2000 and Landgate has kept ahead of technological advancements by redeveloping the tool to better meet the needs of farmers in 2016 and beyond.

"The feedback from farmers and agronomists about the new and improved version has been incredibly positive with it being described as a 'game changer'," the Minister said.

"This type of technology is giving us the edge over our overseas agriculture competitors and I applaud Landgate for its innovative approach."

For more information, visit the Pastures from Space Plus website.

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Landgate celebrates International Women’s Day

Landgate has celebrated International Women’s Day with a presentation by Michelle Sandford, a leader in the fields of information technology and innovation.

Ms Sandford’s presentation was heard by representatives from the City of Swan, the Midland community, local businesses and school students.

Landgate Chief Executive Mike Bradford said this year’s theme of ‘Pledge for Parity’ was highlighted during Ms Sandford’s speech.

Ms Sandford, a global information technology service delivery manager and keynote speaker at TEDxPerth 2014, describes herself as a technology evangelist and philosopher. 

“We were joined by a number of students with an interest in technology and innovation,” Mr Bradford said.

“Ms Sandford provided insightful advice to the students about being innovative and proactive when learning about their chosen fields.

“She used examples of young people who have taught themselves skills which have led to achievements such as profitable apps and said this type of initiative was highly regarded by employers.

“Landgate values information technology, we are an innovative agency that has a leading role in providing location information and open data.

“We encourage interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education through events like HackED, Landgate’s outreach program that introduces students to the power of location information.”

Proceeds from the event were donated to Starick, a charity which works alongside women and children to support them to recover from the impact of family and domestic violence.

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Landgate Business Consultant wins 40under40 award

Landgate Business Consultant Peter Markham has been recognised for being one of Western Australia’s leading business entrepreneurs under the age of 40.

Mr Markham received the commendation during Business News’ prestigious 40under40 awards ceremony at the Perth Convention Centre on Wednesday 9 March.

Mr Markham was nominated by Landgate for leading the formation of earthmine Australia which has brought NASA technology to Western Australia to provide local and state governments with better imagery tools to help them manage their assets.

Landgate Chief Executive Mike Bradford said the earthmine Australia joint venture was sparked by an idea that was presented to Landgate’s Innovation team in 2011.

“Mr Markham turned this idea into a reality by successfully negotiating the joint venture on behalf of Landgate, conducting a financial analysis and developing the legal framework for the deal,” Mr Bradford said.

“While CEO of earthmine Australia, Mr Markham developed business processes and was responsible for improvements that have created a lean, efficient and innovative company.

“Mr Markham’s achievement in being named one of Western Australia’s 40under40 is recognition of Landgate’s expertise in innovation.

“Mr Markham’s work is furthering Midland’s reputation as a hub for location information and innovation.”

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