Land Matters June 2016

Reforms reduce delays in staged developments

A staged strata development is a scheme that is developed in stages, rather than one which is already complete when the plan is first registered.

There are times when a developer may need to vary the later stages of development in a staged scheme. It is difficult to do this, under the current Strata Titles Act 1985, because most variations are defined as ‘major’.  Major variations require consent from:

  • all owners within the scheme
  • people with a registered interest in lots in the scheme
  • caveators of lots in the scheme.

There is no time limit on when these people can provide their consent or object to a proposed variation.

If the developer cannot get everyone involved to consent to the variation, the staged scheme grinds to a halt.

Reforms will provide a wider range of minor variations to be allowed in staged developments, so more variations will be defined as ‘minor’ and will not require consent. This will reduce delays.

For major variations, a time limit of 30 days will be introduced for people with a registered interest and caveators to give their consent.  

If they do not respond to a proposed variation within 30 days, their consent will be deemed as given.  Owners will still have a say and will need to give consent on all major variations.

Registered interest holders and caveators who object must provide written grounds for their objection and it must be ‘reasonable’.  The developer can apply to the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) to review an objection to determine reasonableness.

Find out more about strata reforms.

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Unusual Perth street names on Today Tonight  

Landgate General Manager Operations and Geographic Names Committee Chair Bruce Roberts was interviewed by Today Tonight for the program.

The interview focussed on unusual Perth road names and uncovered some of the quirky history behind how and why they were named.

The clip can be viewed on Today Tonight’s Facebook page.

The Geographic Names Committee is responsible for managing the nomenclature needs for geographical features, administrative boundaries, localities and roads.

Read more history behind Perth’s suburbs and towns

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Pastures from Space Plus limited offer: save over $260

A special offer is available to Land Matters readers who sign up to Pastures from Space Plus.

Farmers, graziers and agronomists have worked together with Landgate to produce a unique product that helps farmers turn pastures into profit.

Using state of the art satellite technology, Pastures from Space Plus makes it easy to calculate grazing, feed budgeting and fertiliser application giving farmers a better view of their paddocks, saving them time and money.

The exclusive offer for Land Matters subscribers waives the set-up fee, saving over $260.

To receive the free set up offer, you must sign-up and pay online prior to midnight 12 July 2016 and enter the promotional code ‘Land Matters’ during the online checkout process.

Learn more or try our demonstration farm now.

For more information please contact our Pastures from Space Plus team on +61 (0)8 9273 7683.

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SPUR powered by Landgate - driving business ideas through scholarship  

Aspiring entrepreneurs with an exciting idea relating to location information are invited to apply for a fully funded Landgate scholarship to attend the Curtin Growth Ignition program.

Ignition is an intensive five-and-a-half day education program run by Curtin University’s Business School from 4 to 9 September 2016 that enables participants to trial and prepare their business ideas for the commercial environment.

The scholarship is being offered through SPUR powered by Landgate, the recently launched location and innovation hub that promotes collaboration, stimulation and acceleration of new ideas.

Landgate’s scholarship is open to one Western Australian resident with a unique business idea or innovation that relies on location data.

Landgate Chief Executive Mike Bradford said SPUR would like to hear from applicants who have the passion and ambition to take their ideas forward.

“SPUR is particularly interested in applications from entrepreneurs and start-ups keen to use the power of location information to solve community problems and come up with innovative business ideas,” Mr Bradford said.

Applications for the Landgate scholarship close on 29 July 2016.  For more information about the Curtin Ignition scholarship application process visit SPUR.

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